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The 5 Best Boutique Hotels in Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg is a city on boundless ambition. Take HafenCity, the 10-plus billion-euro project that amounts to an entirely new city being built within the confines of an old one. When it is fully completed in 2025, this vast waterfront development—already home to many shops, restaurants, and corporate headquarters, as well as some 2,000 residents—will set the benchmark for sustainable urban design. Hamburg is not afraid to think big—or showcase its achievements. Some here in the “Venice of the North” are already well known—from the exclusive shopping found at Alster Arkaden, to the foodie’s delight known as the Fish Market, to the old baroque Church St. Michaelis, to the pulsing nightlife scene in St. Pauli, to our great boutique and luxury Hamburg hotels. And some are still forthcoming, such as the city’s plan to make its center car-free over the next 20 years. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury hotels in Hamburg.

5 Hotels

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5 Hotels