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Discover our exceptional luxury boutique hotels in Berlin

After two-plus decades of intensive development, the Eastern part of Germany’s capital city has more than realized its full potential, with outstanding restaurants, bars, galleries, and even entirely new cutting-edge residential areas. But today it’s the West—long a bystander to the upheaval—that is also undergoing a makeover, one that fully connects these areas both physically and spiritually. Indeed, we like to think that some of our boutique and luxury Berlin hotels are actually acting as a meeting point for people from both the east and the west. Sure, our world of the “boutique hotel Berlin” is a rich one, but here, a much lower cost of living than elsewhere in Western Europe attracts exotic cabaret performances, sophisticated DJs, innovative multimedia get-togethers, and countless members of the creative class. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury Berlin hotels.

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