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Six of the Worlds Best Lakeside Hotels


Lakeside Keyvisual Galery69
  • Words by Vidula Kotian
  • Date 19 May 2021

An expanse of water makes us feel soothed at an elemental level. We’ve rounded up six lakeside hotels where you can vegetate or meditate on and around the water. So, go ahead, browse through these stunning waterfront getaways and let nature work its magic.

Lakeside Girl

We love to contemplate blue not because it advances to us, but because it draws us after it.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Lakeside Water

Filario Hotel & Residences

Lake Como, Italy

There are few locales more glamorous than the infinity pool at Filario—unless you count the private beach just below, a rarity in Lake Como. Located in the charming town of Lezzeno, the hotel offers unbeatable views of the Comacina Island, Villa Balbianello, Tremezzo, Bellagio, Varenna, and the Alps all at once. One of the few modern properties on the lake, Filario’s interiors proudly showcase Italian heritage and artisanship. A private terrace off each of the guestrooms ensures stunning views from whichever room you choose.

Filario Hotel And Residences 1
Filario Hotel And Residences Pool New
Filario Hotel And Residences Private Beach

Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa

Bostalsee, Germany

The largest reservoir in southwest Germany, Bostalsee isn’t just picturesque—it offers a range of activities, including surfing and sailing schools and the 25-kilometer “Street of Sculptures,” which features 51 works by artists from 11 countries. Seezeitlodge Hotel & Spa was carefully placed to maximize its stunning lake views with the rising and the setting of the sun in mind. Going back to the region’s roots, Seezeitlodge is home to an outdoor Celtic sauna complex that is situated according to documented earth energies.

Seezeitlodge Hotel Und Spa Architecture
Seezeitlodge Hotel Und Spa SLIDER1 Yoga
Seezeitlodge Hotel Und Spa SLIDER2 Detail (1)
Seezeitlodge Hotel Und Spa SLIDER3 Relax (1)
Seezeitlodge Hotel Und Spa Nature
Seezeitlodge Hotel Und Spa Restaurant


Wulpinskie Lake, Poland

The Masurian Lake District in northeastern Poland boasts more than 2,000 lakes, dense forests, organic farms, and charming resort towns. The best part? It’s little-known outside of Poland. Małgosia and Wojtek Żółtowsky, the artist couple behind Hotel Galery69, are the tapped-in locals to welcome you. The duo has handcrafted all the furniture in the hotel, which also acts as a showroom (pieces are available for sale) and a gallery. The location on the Wulpinskie Lake makes for stunning scenery year-round.

Galery69 Lakeview
Galery69 Fireplace

“We have always tinkered with materials and transformed them.”
Małgosia Żółtowsky

Galery69 Originals
Galery69 Lamp
Galery69 Boats


Brunnsviken Lake, Sweden

Sweden is home to almost 100,000 lakes, of which 26 are in Stockholm alone. Stallmästaregården, Stockholm’s very first inn, sits on a gorgeous bayside estate on the lake. The surrounding area features a beautiful rolling park, a botanical garden, cafés, and palaces. Stallmästaregården’s resplendent 18th-century interiors are worthy of Swedish royalty.

Stallmaestaregarden Architecture
Stallmaestaregarden Boat
Stallmaestaregarden Swedish Island
Stallmaestaregarden Interior

Giardino Lago

Lake Maggiore, Switzerland

On the south side of the Alps, straddling Italy and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is the largest of the pre-Alpine lakes. Nestled on the lake’s northern shore, Giardino Lago is an understated yet indulgent retreat that takes inspiration from the region’s Mediterranean climate. Its broad windows and airy public spaces pay homage to this exceptional scenery. For a bird’s-eye view, hitch a ride up to the forested peaks of Cardada and Cimetta. Or settle in on the rooftop lounge, furnished by Dedon, for views closer to home.

Giardino Lago
Giardino Lago Maggiore

The Blossom House Hou Hai

Lake Houhai, China

Lake Houhai was built for the exclusive use of the Yuan Dynasty’s royal family (1271-1368) and has been popular ever since. Today, the scent of traditional snacks floats from the restaurants, bars, and cafés that line the lakeside hutongs. Set within a private compound on its willow-lined shore, The Blossom House Hou Hai is a luxurious escape from Beijing that offers direct access to the city’s historic heart.

Vue Hotel Houhai Beijing Lake Houhai Summer Palace
Vue Hotel Houhai Beijing Lake Houhai Architecture

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