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Six Gorgeous Garden Getaways

Guide, Well-being

Words Vidula KotianDate 02 August 2021

Few settings rival the sense of serenity that can be found in a picturesque garden. Thinkers across diverse fields have extolled the benefits of spending time in nature as therapy, as a root for creativity, and as an antidote to modern life. These six hotels from around the world are an arborist’s dream and a joy to behold.

Zuri Zanzibar

Unguja, Tanzania

Zanzibar’s beauty is best enjoyed from Zuri—a property that resembles a traditional African village, with thatched roofs, palm trees, and greenery lending privacy to each Jestico + Whiles-designed bungalow and villa. Its garden-like landscape, designed by Ferdinand Leffler, goes beyond the clipped vegetation typically associated with seaside resorts to include plants that grow naturally and wildly in the area such as cloves, vanilla, and cardamom. Nothing is pruned but rather the plants in the spice garden are left to grow, adding to the lush charm.

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Sacred Valley, Peru

Amid a green oasis of gardens in a naturally awe-inspiring part of Peru, Andenia encourages slowed-down appreciation without flashy distractions. Set in 6,000 square meters of greenery, the hotel offers up stunning views of the Sacred Valley and the surrounding mountains. The hotel has its own huerta of local fruits and vegetables and produces its own honey and marmalades, which are served in the restaurant. Guests are free to explore the gardens on their own or take a guided walk to learn about the local vegetation.

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Villa Arnica

South Tyrol, Italy

Surrounded by nature, this Old-World villa is a tribute to grandeur and ease. Villa Arnica’s setting, with its meandering estate grounds and vegetable garden that thrives in summer and winter alike, is a romantic callback to a time when days stretched languidly and a paper and pencil for sketching the nature around you was plenty of entertainment. At the villa’s farm-to-table restaurant, you can taste the richness of the freshly plucked sun-kissed produce in the simple but sumptuous fare.

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Zash Country Boutique Hotel

Sicily, Italy

Behold a one-time winery turned green getaway with all the hedonistic delights of the Sicilian region. Zash allows nature to flood all your senses: Scents from the citrus trees, lavender patches, and wilderness; views through glass walls and huge windows that frame the fertile landscape; and the deep, primordial sounds that can only be heard while staying in the countryside. Even the touch of the walls, clad in volcanic stone, echo a time when nature reigned supreme.

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Skylark Negril Beach Resort

Negril, Jamaica

With a retro-tropical vibe, Skylark sits on the white-powdered sands of Seven Mile Beach. The two-story whitewashed concrete and geometric breeze-blocks of the hotel building are naturally contrasted by the flourishing green foliage all around, while the colors inside were also chosen to reflect the natural palette of the country. The Jamaican hues featured include rosy pastels inspired by the soft skies overhead, bold reds taken from the ackee—the country’s national fruit—and several shades of sea blue. Nearby, a small spa set in a tropical Eden sets the tone for ultimate relaxation.

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The Surin Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

The Surin Phuket is everything you might expect from your ultimate tropical escape: luxurious cottages and suites that invite the surrounding nature inside through shuttered doors. A private veranda and secluded sundeck nestle each cottage beautifully into its own patch of paradise. Built into a tropical bay and its verdant environment, the resort helps guests appreciate the exuberant foliage through a series of stairs and walkways.

BP Beautiful Gardens 15

“This was the garden. It didn’t look like much, but it meant everything to its gardener. It was his home. It was his supper. It was his joy.”

The Little Gardener, Emily Hughes

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Zuri Zanzibar

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Surin Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Villa Arnica

South Tyrol, Lana, Italy

Featured Hotels


Zuri Zanzibar

Tanzania, Zanzibar

The Surin Phuket

Thailand, Phuket

Villa Arnica

Italy, Lana, South Tyrol
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