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Polish Cold War neons illuminate history

One of the most surprising legacies of Cold War-era Poland is its brilliant variety of neon signs, the first of which went up in Warsaw in 1929. Popular from the start, neons saw a flourishing in the cities in the 1950s, -60s and -70s.

Image 01 Bathtubs Chateau De La Resle

Around the world in 8 spectacular bathtubs

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve assembled some of the most opulent, elegant bathtubs in our 300-hotel global collection. So as winter sets in (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), let this serve as inspiration to soak.

Blog Installations 11 Howard

Installations from outer space

Some of today’s most exciting hotels function as live-in galleries, exhibiting commissioned and acquired installations and sculptural pieces by major contemporary artists. While their works run the gamut, many evoke a futurist vision of space-age forms, neon deities, and artifacts from the beyond.

5Cf540263b29a2318326699c Residents Li Edelkoort P 1080

Li Edelkoort

The influential trend forecaster on spirituality, design, and the souls of shadows and pebbles

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Four hotels defining what it means to be ‘hyperlocal’

The time is far behind us when travelers settled for indistinguishably luxurious chain accommodations. These days, it seems everyone wants to talk about local hubs providing locally sourced products and services.