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Best Of Lamps Gramercy

Six of the world’s loveliest hotel light concepts

Much has changed since the days of Edison, and some of today’s most creative, forward-thinking hotels are bringing their lighting concepts to brilliant new heights. At these six properties, lighting takes center stage.

Directions X Moonassi M2

Moonassi takes us behind the illustrations

To correspond with the publication of Directions 2019, we recently spoke to Daehyun Kim, a.k.a. Moonassi, a South Korean visual artist pictured at work in his studio in this silent short film, about the beautiful dreamlike ink drawings he created for The Science of Sleep.

Blog Thescienceofsleep 01

The science of sleep: an unscientific study

When I could not sleep as a child, I would press my head into the pillow, count sheep, and, if that failed, crawl into my parents’ bed. As a grown man, the solutions for insomnia are not so simple, and recently I have started sleeping in an electronic headband that uses “bone conduction speakers” to play sounds through my forehead and directly into my inner eardrum.

Image 01 Julien Guerrier

Paris according to a Louis Vuitton insider

Here’s how to prep your Paris suitcase: “Travel light and casual: a pair of jeans, white shirt, blue jacket, book, and iPhone,” says Julien Guerrier, Louis Vuitton’s editorial director, who sat down recently with us to spill the elusive style secrets of the French capital.

Blog SP Kazerne Header

A hybrid hub rises in a Dutch design capital

Perhaps best known internationally as the host city of Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, a city in the southern Netherlands, will soon be welcoming the next creative wave when a new hybrid hospitality project opens its doors.

Blog SP Vila Foz 01

In Porto, a 19th-century house goes ninimalist

Step through the palatial doors of Vila Foz Hotel & Spa, opening this March in Porto, and you’ll come face to face with two distinct aesthetics.

Image SP Blique 01

A modernist landmark is reborn in Stockholm

Anyone visiting the Swedish capital in the coming months will be happy to know about a highly anticipated upcoming opening by the company that brought you Nobis Hotel Stockholm, Miss Clara by Nobis, and other beloved mainstays of Nordic hospitality.

Image Art Of Neo 01

Polish Cold War neons illuminate history

One of the most surprising legacies of Cold War-era Poland is its brilliant variety of neon signs, the first of which went up in Warsaw in 1929. Popular from the start, neons saw a flourishing in the cities in the 1950s, -60s and -70s.

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