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Japandi Interiors CJ

Japandi Magic: Where Japanese Zen Meets Scandinavian Hygge

Explore this trending East-meets-West blend that marries earthy minimalist design with functional beauty.

Homestory Deglan Teaser NEW

Mastering Materiality with Deglan Studios

Meet the Berlin-based visionary duo whose rapid rise in the design world is redefining the art of handcrafted furniture by blending ancient techniques with modern flair.

3Daysofdesign NN 01 (1)

Top Six Must-Sees at the 3 Days of Design Festival

Get to the heart of creativity and innovation in Copenhagen with expert advice from local glass artist Nina Nørgaard on navigating this year’s exciting activities.

Milan Design Wekk KV

Best of Milan Design Week

As Milan Design Week has just transpired, one thing quickly became clear: the world’s design capital was buzzing with creative energy, with unmissable works covering all corners of the city.

01 Yinka Llori

The Design Diaries - Yinka Ilori

The British Nigerian designer brings back the joy of playfulness through his graphic color palette and bold compositions, transforming public spaces into playgrounds for kids and adults alike.

CJ Art Exhibitions Nan Goldin

The Best Art Exhibitions to See in Europe 2024

This year is an exciting year for art. Look no further than our collection of the most exceptional, can’t-miss exhibitions in Europe.

Womens Day 2024 01

Six Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to Look Out For

In recent years, International Women's Day has evolved into a powerful global event to honor and amplify the voices of remarkable women—while also highlighting the progress still needed to continue toward gender equality.

01 Ana Pusica

The Art of Movement with Ana Pušica

We caught up with the Serbian artist during her residency at Patina Maldives on her exploration of light, color, and self through her works.

01 Biophilic Design

The Future of Design: Biophilia

Meaning a passionate love of all living things, the movement is about integrally embracing plants, flowing water, biodiversity, natural materials, and plenty of sunlight into everyday spaces.

OUT Thumbnail Banner

Design for Our Generation with OUT

We spoke with Reinhard Wessling on shifting away from throw-away culture, democratic design, and how partying in Berlin can forever alter your life's path.

01 CJ Agnieszkaowsiany

Sculptural textiles with Agnieszka Owsiany

The Polish artist talks about her journey as an artist and what it means to engage with natural materials today.

Journal Article Monastic 01

Seven Hotels That Help You Switch Off

As the weather cools in the global north, we bring you a roundup of hotels with bare-bones aesthetics that help you grasp the vastness of one’s own solitude.

04 Immerso SP (1)

Portugal’s New Hangout for Modern Bohemians

Long known as a world-class surf destination, Ericeira is attracting a new breed of traveler—one who loves nature, connection, quality, and good food—and they have just the place to gather, Immerso.

DH Culture BP Arianna Lago Teaser (1)

Arianna Lago: Photographing the Ethereal and the Unplanned

The Italian photographer on how her Italian heritage feeds into her work, working with bugs and animals in nature, and what travel means to her.

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