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Tucson’s new artistic and culinary heart


  • Words Vidula Kotian
  • Date 10 Jun, 2020

It seems apt that the ancient bed of culture in Tucson is also where a new community-driven concept of hospitality is taking shape—The Tuxon Hotel.

Opening early July, it is ideally located in West Downtown at the base of Sentinel Peak, also known as the iconic “A” Mountain. The property’s communal Y-shaped layout is set against the serene desertscape, and is richly contrasted by colorful, Southwestern-inspired murals and art created by up-and-coming local artists.

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At the heart of the property is a boomerang-shaped pool that serves as the hub of the social scene, drawing people together for outdoor exhibitions and a carefully curated roster of cultural programs. Guests and locals alike can enjoy inspired cocktails and bites at The Pool Bar, an indoor-outdoor bar and restaurant concept developed by Jess Keane and Drew Record, a local Tucsonan who is no stranger to a Michelin star. The property features its own desert cactus garden for contemplation and offers on-site bike rentals for a desert adventure, with trails starting just two blocks from the hotel.

Inspired by the conflux of the region’s American, Mexican, and Native American roots, the rooms feature rustic gray wood, saddled leather, and potted local succulents, seamlessly blended with more expressive elements in the native-influenced geometric wall tiles, regional photography and artwork, and custom bed throws and pillows. All in all, The Tuxon Hotel is the ultimate reflection of its surroundings, balancing the city’s urban renaissance and dynamic cultural scene with its storied desert roots.

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