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Words Vidula KotianImages Ryan BrabazonDate 23 February 2021

“I try to commit to an all-around organic lifestyle. There is no difference between what you put inside of your body or on to it”
Constanze Saemann

It is may sound simple enough but it’s not an easy philosophy to inculcate when you’re traveling almost full-time for your career. As a counterbalance to her hectic schedule, Constanze Saemann decided to dive into natural perfumery and skincare. The Berlin-based aromatherapist’s brand Basium, which is Latin for kiss, features products formulated with organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients that have a minimal environmental footprint. Two of her unique, natural-smelling perfumes—the grounding, woody, and earthy Beau and the fresh, floral, citrusy Flora—are available at our store. We had a brief chat with Saemann about her journey into skincare and sustaining a sustainable lifestyle.

What is your background? What inspired you to break into natural skin care?

I was born and raised in a small town in Germany. When I was 17, I moved overseas for the first time to pursue my modeling career and it has continued since then—traveling almost full time and living between Paris and New York. Throughout my early years, I really found working in the industry all-consuming and very intense, so I decided I needed to balance my time and channel my energy into something more meaningful. So I began to study aromatherapy, natural perfumery, and other wellness subjects, mostly online but also in some cities on longer stays. And from that Basium was born!

“Deep down we all have this knowledge already-we have just forgotten it. It's about returning back to nature, back to our roots.”
Constanze Saemann

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How do you find the sources for getting your ingredients responsibly?

We currently source our ingredients from a number of accredited organic suppliers, but our goal is to build personal relationships with the growers and their families. Since we launched the brand, travel has been off-limits due to the virus but when we are able to move freely again, it will be a priority for us.


You support a reforestation project in Sri Lanka—how did that come about?

Sri Lanka has always been a place very close to our hearts and we have visited it very often. From surf trips to attending Vipassana retreats there, we knew from the beginning that this was a place we wanted to give something back to. So on our last trip there, we had the opportunity to plant mangrove trees in the Rekawa Lagoon and support families who rely on the lagoon. It’s on our bucket list for this year to visit Sri Lanka again and start planting these trees with the local people.

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What surprised you on your journey of combining Ayurveda and aromatherapy?

That it is so simple! Deep down we all have this knowledge already—we have just forgotten it. It’s about returning back to nature, back to our roots.


Does your all-natural approach to beauty translate to food and fashion as well?

Absolutely! I try to live an all-around natural lifestyle. Whenever possible I buy organic groceries and last year I even started to grow my own vegetables. When it comes to fashion, I either invest in an item that will last a very long time or I buy second-hand.

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“I decided I needed to balance my time and channel my energy into something more meaningful”

Constanze Saemann

How do you see your line expanding in the future?

I have so many dreams for Basium. Expansion for me means giving the brand more meaning, not selling more products. One of my main goals is to support small farmers and source the ingredients mostly in Europe or from one specific country only. Building a community is another one. Collaborating with like-minded people and valuing our Earth. Only take as much as we can give back.

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