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Wladimir Klitschko &
Ruslan Oleksenko
A Brand That Reflects Two Visionaries

001 Wladimir Klitschko And Ruslan Oleksenko

Words Ken BaronImages Marc Schäfer

These two Originals have used their international experience and knowledge to launch a powerful brand that brings a new level of luxury to Ukraine’s hospitality scene.

Meet Wladimir Klitschko and Ruslan Oleksenko, and you will quickly understand why these two extraordinary personalities, two Originals, are the creative minds behind 11 Mirrors—Ukraine’s first design-led hotel. The stunning 11-story property nestling in Kiev’s heart is the concerted vision of boxing legend Klitschko and successful real estate developer Oleksenko, both equally passionate about genuine hospitality and relentless attention to individualism.

002 11Mirrors Entrance
003 11Mirrors Doorman

For Klitschko, 11 Mirrors was born out of the years of his international globetrotting. A demanding guest, he is a man who pursues a healthy lifestyle and cares about the smallest aspects of everything he encounters. That’s why he always dreamed about creating the ideal hotel, one that boasts all the elements and amenities to satisfy equally demanding clients. “Together with a professional team, I developed a great destination both for business leaders and travelers who are treated here as precious members of the family, not as visitors,” explains Klitschko. “I have been to many countries and stayed in many hotels worldwide, so I know what is needed to make one feel at home. Our design hotel not only offers high-quality service but unique emotions and impressions. It’s a completely new experience.”

004 11Mirrors Waldimir Klitschko

“If you see yourself as a driving force, then you are unstoppable. You can change things or build up something absolutely new.”

Wladimir Klitschko

As the hotel’s name suggests, the theme of reflection is apparent throughout the property. “Here, every element, feature, detail, and amenity strives to mirror guests’ inner selves, their values, and their desires,” explains Oleksenko, whose own worldliness played a part in the 11 Mirrors vision. “The brand’s concept derives from reflections guests see and emotions they experience during their stay, as well as inspiring the hotel’s slogan: Reflecting you.”

005 11Mirrors Klitschko And Oleksenko

For Klitschko and Oleksenko, the impressive building that houses 11 Mirrors was critically important to the project’s success. While blending the late-19th and early-20th century architectural styles and cutting-edge design, it immediately grabs one’s attention from the outside. Like all true pioneers, 11 Mirrors is a groundbreaking product, one that reflects a new vision of Ukraine: cosmopolitan, inspiring, contemporary, urban, broad-minded, and collaborative. “When you launch something new, there is always a risk. However, we put a lot of effort into implementing the project, and now we can be justly proud of our achievements; the hotel is highly rated by our global and local communities,” says Oleksenko.

008 11Mirrors Hotel View
006 11Mirrors Neighbourhood Art

The risk does pay off. Today, 11 Mirrors is one of top boutique hotels in Kiev and Ukraine. Since its opening in 2012, the hotel has earned an array of local and international awards, including the titles of World’s Best City Hotel and Europe’s Best City Hotel 2016 at the World Boutique Hotel Awards.

Indeed, Klitschko has many reasons to celebrate 11 Mirrors’ triumph—his entrepreneurial accomplishments based on his 26-year professional sports experience, along with Oleksenko’s business acumen, are leading to a planned international expansion of the 11 Mirrors brand.

007 11Mirrors Hotel View City

“Life is short, therefore we have to spend our time communicating with great people, enjoying great locations, and focusing on great experiences,” adds Oleksenko.

“If you see yourself as a driving force, then you are unstoppable. You can change things or build up something absolutely new,” says Klitschko. “I have developed methods that provide me with continued success stemming from willpower, strong motivation, and a clear strategy. I was happy to pass my experience on to the 11 Mirrors team. I am sure that the brand has great prospects for the future. We always think a little bit different, but in a good and better way!” Spoken like true champions, determined to move forward and achieve their ambitions.

Trendy yet not snobbish, charismatic yet friendly, innovative yet cozy, 11 Mirrors reflects the very spirit of its Originals as well as delivers its unique emotional impact and inspiring impressions to its guests. As the two note poignantly: Nothing can be more luxurious and precious than one’s personal experience.

DH MBO 11 Mirrors 10
009 11Mirrors Hotel Art

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