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Book from our exceptional luxury boutique hotels in London

To say London has history is like saying a pub serves beer or Shakespeare was a writer. Here, God is in the details.

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Explore the Best Boutique Hotels in London

Dive into the heart of London’s unparalleled vibe with our boutique hotels. Forget the cookie-cutter places—we've got Design Hotels properties in locations that will make you rethink what a hotel stay can be. Each is a stylish testament to modernity meeting functional brilliance, inviting you to discover a world where luxury blends with cutting-edge aesthetics.

Visiting London

Get ready to ditch the usual, and discover our hidden gem boutique hotels scattered across London. These venues are more than just a bed for the night—they’re your personal escape pods from the norm. No matter if you’re feeling the frenetic energy of central London town, or you’re more up for the chill vibes of the city’s outskirts, Design Hotels has escapes in London that promise an experience that's anything but ordinary.

Treat yourself in our top-notch venues, where you'll find all the bougie stuff—plush amenities, five-star service, and downright indulgent surroundings.

Best areas to stay in London

London is a city of endless possibilities, and our luxury hotels put you right in the mix. Explore iconic landmarks, roam through trendy neighborhoods, or just get lost in the city’s charming streets. It’s not about what to do in London: it’s about deciding where to start your epic adventure. Whether you’re soaking up the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, embracing the artsy side of Shoreditch, or getting cozy in Paddington, our hotels bring the high life right to your doorstep.

And let’s talk food. From quirky cafes in Soho to swanky spots in Mayfair, the city holds a variety of culinary delights for every type of foodie. Taste the bold flavors of London's diverse food scene, where international influences spice up traditional British bites, pleasing even the pickiest of taste buds.

Why stay in our boutique hotels while in London?

It’s simple—because your stay should be as unique as the city itself. Experience a vibrant atmosphere, killer design, and the best bars and restaurants to make your time in London stand out. Ready for a trip that blends chill, comfort, and awesome service? Book your spot now and make your mark on London’s eclectic scene.


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