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Number Sixteen, Firmdale Hotels

S Number Sixteen Firmdale Hotels London United Kingdom
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  • Food & Drink

    European cuisine, garden, drawing room

  • Interior design

    Kit Kemp

  • The Originals

    Kit Kemp

  • Themes

    Art & Culture

  • Food & Drink

    European cuisine, garden, drawing room

Kit Kemp’s custom textiles in each of the individually outfitted rooms are a study in elaborate detail and dramatic patterns.

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Interior design Kit Kemp

Number Sixteen Firmdale Hotels Interior Design

Interior design Kit Kemp

The eclectic furnishings—a mix of antique, contemporary, and ethnic—keep the aesthetic fresh and elegantly eccentric.

Bold patterns and bursts of color contrast rich wooden furnishings, while exquisite pieces of contemporary art adorn the walls. Pretty details, such as colorful glass beads on cushions and shell buttons stitched onto curtains, give the rooms a feminine quality. Prints and trademark flourishes that include oversized headboards mean that things never feel too dainty.

Architecture This is no private residence

A picture of classic Victorian architecture, the structure presents a white façade with black wrought-iron railings.

With balustrades and column-supported porticoes perfectly in concert with its surroundings, only the house number suggests that the white-stucco Victorian terrace is a hotel and not an upscale private residence. And it’s all situated just steps from London’s major museums and Harrods.

Number Sixteen Exterior in London
Number Sixteen Kit Kemp Made By Orginals A 01 X2

The Originals Kit Kemp

“A hotel’s design is a living thing, in a way. And with interiors, it’s transitory and subject to passion.”

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Design & Architecture


Kit Kemp’s Masterclass on Greens

Green is the color of life, hope, energy, and nature, so I often use it to breathe fresh air into a room. In the Terrace Suite at Ham Yard Hotel, Natasha Hulse has intricately appliquéd one of our signature headboards with an elaborate floral design. The three-dimensional quality of her work gives the room depth and breaks the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

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United Kingdom

Number Sixteen, Firmdale Hotels
Sumner Place, 16
London SW7 3EG
United Kingdom

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