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      24 Hotels & Resorts Found For spain

      • Alicante (1)
      • Barcelona (5)
      • Bilbao (1)
      • Calvià (2)
      • Córdoba (1)
      • Granada (1)
      • Ibiza (1)
      • Madrid (4)
      • Maspalomas (1)
      • Palma De Mallorca (2)
      • Playa Del Ingles (1)
      • Salamanca (1)
      • Santa Eulalia Del Rio (1)
      • Seville (1)
      • Valencia (1)

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      • Alicante

        Spain’s attractive provincial city of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, is popular among travelers who come for its grand esplanades, its long and lovely Playa de San Juan, and its richly textured historic quarter.
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      • Barcelona

        Barcelona is well known as a centre of Catalan design and architecture. As one of the most important Mediterranean ports, the city is also an economic powerhouse.
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      • Bilbao

        Today, most people think Guggenheim and Frank Gehry when they hear the name of the city of Bilbao.
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      • Córdoba

        Córdoba, in Andalusia, was the birthplace of the Roman philosopher Seneca and later became the capital of a powerful emirate and one of the largest cities in the world back in the 10th century.
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      • Gran Canaria

        Gran Canaria is part of the Canary Islands archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 150 kilometers off the northwestern coast of Africa.
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      • Granada

        Get lost in the winding lanes of this gorgeous ancient city—Granada will beguile you with its Moorish architecture, old Muslim quarter, tapas culture, and one of the best nightlives in all of Spain.
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      • Ibiza

        Ibiza, part of the Balearic Islands is most known for the association with nightlife and the electronic music.
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      • Madrid

        Madrid, the Spanish capital, enjoys its urban splendor as much as the dry, sunny weather of the region.
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      • Mallorca

        Mallorca is the largest island in the Spanish Balearic Islands archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.
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      • Salamanca

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      • Seville

        Seville, the proud Andalucian capital, has many things to boast—an ornate and diverse art and architectural heritage, the best tapas bars, the best festivals, and the most stylish locals.
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      • Valencia

        The third largest city in Spain, Valencia has recently undergone a Bilbao-esque metamorphosis. The birthplace of the paella now features not only some of Europe’s best new buildings but also rising superstar chefs.
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