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006 Myconian Avaton Brothers Helicopter

Vangelis, Panos, Markos, and Marios Daktylides

Following in the footsteps of Mykonos’ leading hospitality figure, the four brothers stand united in their quest to provide truly authentic island experiences.

008 Anthony Champalimaud

Anthony Champalimaud

For Anthony Champalimaud and his wife Charlie S. Champalimaud, the pathway to Troutbeck began with a creative step toward an artistic future.

001 Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Matsuhisa & Robert De Niro

Hats off to talented chef Nobu Matsuhisa and actor/director Robert De Niro, who have been expanding the Nobu brand since a chance encounter in L.A. in the late 1980s.

000 Jayson Seidman Zach Kupperman Alex Ramirez Thumb

Jayson Seidman, Zach Kupperman, and Alex Ramirez

Inspired by the footloose spirit of post-war America’s artists and intellectuals, these three Originals have created a boutique getaway for a new kind of nomad.

001 Marius Daktylides

Marios Daktylides

Like his father before him, this consummate local continues the legacy of creating truly authentic experiences.

002 John Chen

John Chen

With his two new properties in the Taiwanese capital, mathematician John Chen proves that a beautiful mind can create great hospitality.

001 Anne Marie Bauer Marc Ciunis Carsten Von Der Heide

Anne-Marie Bauer, Marc Ciunis, and Carsten von der Heide

By mining the spirit of Hamburg’s French past—and their own spirited way of looking at life—this veteran hospitality trio has reshaped an entire district in Hamburg’s heart.

002 Rafael Sainz Skeves

Rafael Sainz Skewes

When Rafael Sainz Skewes’ motorcycle brought him to the perfect beach, he knew he had to find a way to stay.

001 Johan Bouman

Johan Bouman

Following his heart and not a script, this Dutch businessman-turned-hotelier has slowly but magically transformed his dream home into a wondrous countryside escape.

001 Viu Milan Antonio Tommaso Viscardi

Antonio & Tommaso Viscardi

The Viscardi brothers have worked in hospitality for years, but with Hotel Viu Milan they’ve finally found an outlet that fully captures their unique view on life—and offers a one-of-a-kind view of the city.

07 Emilio Heredia Motorcycle

Emilio Heredia

Along with embarking on a spiritual path decades ago, this electrical engineer has also forged a new community- and ecologically-minded concept of hospitality.

002 Roches Rouges Valéry Grégo

Valéry Grégo

For the man behind three hotels in the French Alps, one in Paris, and one on the French Riviera, success lies in embracing whatever history and location give him.

001 Renato Solines And Veronica Reed

Renato Solines & Veronica Reed

Entrepreneurial couple Renato Solines and Veronica Reed have created a new breed of hotel in Quito—one that respects its ancestral heritage and looks to the future.

001 Vaclav Dejcmar

Vaclav Decjmar

When Czech polymath Václav Dejčmar locked eyes on a far-flung African beach, he envisioned his own hotel. He didn’t see what would come next.