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001 Aby Rosen

Aby Rosen

Like many of his well-known buildings, Rosen looms over the New York City landscape. But as the saying goes, “God is in the details.”

001 Bruno And Christophe Massucco

Bruno & Christophe Massucco

After years of hotel-hopping, the rebellious twins Bruno and Christophe Massucco settled into a hotel of their own, pioneering design hospitality in Dijon, France.

001 La Maison Hotel Günter Wagner

Günter Wagner

For Günter Wagner, sleek architecture, world-class cuisine, and a small German town near the French border made for the perfect homecoming.

001 Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp

Whimsical, eclectic, and always hard to pin down, Kit Kemp has much in common with the hotel interiors she’s spent a career fashioning into stand-alone pieces of individual expression. Like her, they are anything but static.

001 Thanos Michaelides

Thanos Michaelides

The words “boutique hotel” and “family resort” conjure up two very different properties. But not to Thanos Michaelides, who created a high-minded design hotel that is accessible to both romantics and those with kids in tow: Almyra.

009 Malgosia And Wojtek Zoltowsky

Małgosia & Wojciech Żółtowsky

Artist duo Małgosia and Wojtek Żółtowsky sit at the heart of a new contemporary design wave in Poland—one that is irreverent, natural, emotional, provocative, and welcoming.

001 Harold Stream Bruce James

Harold Stream & Bruce James

For Harold “Spook” Stream and Bruce James, the two men behind Hotel Matilda, San Miguel’s appeal goes beyond its beauty and complex history. As Stream puts it, “there is a very spiritual feeling about San Miguel.”

008 Witt Istanbul Hotel Tuncel Toprak Lamps

Tuncel Toprak

Istanbul native Tuncel Toprak brings a unique vision to his inaugural hotel project, the Witt Istanbul, a fusion of history and modernity, youth and tradition, in an authentic neighborhood setting.

005 Rosas And Xocolate Carol Kolozs

Carol Kolozs

Carol Kolozs has lived in many countries and experienced life as everything from a soldier to a shoemaker. But perhaps most impressive is that he’s created a hotel that expresses all that he’s learned along the way.

001 Factory Hotel David Deilmann

David Deilmann

With his eye-popping Factory Hotel, David Deilmann found his calling, saved an iconic building, and created a new, must-visit neighborhood—all at once.

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