10 Hotels Found For japan

  • Hakone (1)
  • Iki Island (1)
  • Kyoto (1)
  • Matsuyama (1)
  • Minami-uonuma City (1)
  • Niseko, Hokkaido (1)
  • Osaka (1)
  • Tokyo (3)

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  • Hakone

    Hakone, in Japan's Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park two hours west of Tokyo, is a mountainous town famous for its hot springs and its views of Mount Fuji.
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  • Iki Island

    With its tropical feel, abundant natural beauty and bounteous fresh seafood, Iki Island offers a Japan that few tourists ever experience.
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  • Kyoto

    Set the heart of central Kyoto, the hotel is just a short walk from the famed Nishiki food market and the city’s major shopping streets.
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  • Matsuyama

    Japan’s smallest island, Shikoku is home to spiritual wonders, stunning natural beauty, and small urban centers offering up night-time entertainment.
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  • Minami-Uonuma City

    Minamiuonuma, in Japan’s north-central Niigata prefecture, is a popular all-year resort famous for its skiing and snowboarding, its 'onsen' hot springs, and 'Uonuma' rice—considered the best in Japan.
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  • Niseko, Hokkaido

    On the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, an international set of skiers and outdoor-lovers are turning the resort area of Niseko into an exotic Eastern version of Aspen or Whistler.
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  • Osaka

    Within Kita -Shinchi’s high-end dining and entertainment scene, one finds a wealth of culture and islands of creative inspiration.
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  • Tokyo

    A city of over 12 million hardworking, hard-partying, fashion-forward residents, Tokyo is a place of boundless energy filled with hipster boutiques, towering skyscrapers, and a dining scene with more Michelin stars than any other city in the world.
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