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Book from our exceptional luxury boutique hotels in Tokyo

Discover fashion-forward residents, towering skyscrapers, and more Michelin stars than any city in the world.

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Discover the Best Boutique Hotels in Tokyo

Neon city lights, the trendiest people on the planet, and more Michelin-starred restaurants than you can count—welcome to Tokyo, where tradition and modernity stand out in equally stunning measure.

To have a good time in Tokyo, visit these exciting places

Uncover the artistic soul of Roppongi, a district pulsating with contemporary galleries and vibrant nightlife, or dive into the indie charm of Shimokitazawa, a haven of unique boutiques and vintage treasures. Or find tranquility in Asakusa, home to the historic Senso-ji Temple and the traditional Nakamise Shopping Street.

Why stay in a boutique hotel in Tokyo?

Enjoy a luxury hotel stay and book a former house for geishas in the heart of Tokyo’s fashionable Kagurazaka neighborhood—all for you and the lucky companions you choose to travel with. Or stay on the coolest street in Shibuya, Cat Street, at Trunk Hotel Cat Street, and witness something iconic like the electrifying Shibuya Crossing in flux. Whether you prefer the upscale dining scene of Ginza, or the avant-garde fashion in Harajuku's trendy lanes, Tokyo is a city of endless exploration, unfolding as you wander through its landmarks and vibrant little neighborhoods.

Things to enjoy in Tokyo

Now, let's talk about the culinary delights: From the lively stalls of Tsukiji Fish Market, and the sushi trains in Shinjuku, to the upscale dining establishments in Marunouchi, Tokyo's food scene is a fusion of traditional Japanese delights and global influences for every palate.

Tokyo is a city where tradition meets innovation, and our boutique hotels offer a personalized journey into its electric culture. Ready for the trip of a lifetime? Book your stay at one of our Design Hotels properties in Tokyo and make your mark on the city’s dynamic scene.

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