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Node Kyoto

S Node Hotel Kyoto Japan
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  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, bar

  • Architecture

    Seiichiro Takeuchi

  • Interior design

    Indian Creek Fete Kyoto

  • Themes

    City, Art & Culture

  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, bar

A world of stunning artwork comes to life in the center of Kyoto amid an industrial-chic setting that feels like an art collector’s residence.

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Architecture Seiichiro Takeuchi

Node Hotel Architecture

Architecture Seiichiro Takeuchi

A soothing gray material quiets the mind as one transitions from the city’s busy streets to the hotel’s provocative interior.

The architect also designed furniture and lighting found throughout the hotel, which is all about dark textures and plush discoveries.

Interior design Indian Creek Fete Kyoto

The hotel’s canvas of gray is balanced by a regal design scheme, with plush sofas and chairs setting a sophisticated tone.

White oak floors have been given an antique look, while exposed metal runs along raw ceilings and walls, creating an industrial vibe that causes the eye to seek the warm textures of the hotel’s abundant artwork.

Node Hotel Bar Interior Design

The Originals Akinori Kanao & Seiichiro Takeuchi

“The people who surround me lead me to where I am now.”
Akinori Kanao

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17 MBO Node Kyoto Akinori Kanao Seiichiro Takeuchi Temple

Events & Happenings Mindful expressions

Node Hotel Theme Box 2 Happenings

Events & Happenings Mindful expressions

The hotel is the “happening place” in Kyoto for artists, designers, and other creators, with ongoing cultural events.

Designed to actively communicate information through art, design, fashion, music, and food, the hotel plays host to numerous collaborative exhibitions and experiences. Past goings on have included The Takuro Kuwata exhibition and KyotoGraphie, with new events regularly popping up on the calendar.

Art in Focus Wall to wall wonder

Experience museum-quality art in a private setting that calls to mind the home of an au courant art collector.

Both the public spaces and the private guestrooms at Node Kyoto serve as a living gallery space, with works by top local and international artists on display. Discover top pieces by such celebrated names as Barry McGee, Robin Williams, Katsuaki Shigeno, Eicoh Hosoe, Yukimasa Ida, Bernard Frize, Tomoo Gokita, Shinro Ohtake, Nobuyoshi Araki, and many more.

Node Hotel Theme Box 1 Art


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Node Kyoto
461 Toroyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku
Kyoto 604-8225

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Node Kyoto
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