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Parrano, Umbria

Known as “the green heart of Italy,” Umbria actually takes pride in the fact that it’s the country’s only region without a coastline. Here, an inspiring landscape of mountains, plains, wildflowers, and lakes create a glorious tableau—alongside great art, wine, and cuisine. In short, for the traveler the entire region is a must-visit “hotel Umbria.” Umbria is never in a hurry. Behold Orvieto's soul-stirring Gothic cathedral—the structure took 30 years to plan and three centuries to build! Equally, the Basilica di San Francesco, in Assisi, is a must-see. Here, too, one finds incredible old paintings, both in renowned settings such as the National Gallery of Umbria or in ancient towns, such as Parrano in the province of Terni. Never far from your hotel in Umbria are great delights, from the region’s famous truffles and pork to its crisp white wines and Umbrian reds. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury properties in Parrano, Umbria.
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Parrano, Umbria
, Italy

Exuding a monastic aesthetic of cell-like spaces, rooms at Eremito, in Umbria, enable one to fully retreat into a setting that is perfect for contemplation.

from EUR 230 /night
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