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  • Athens (6)
  • Crete (1)
  • Halkidiki (1)
  • Kourouta, Peloponnese (1)
  • Mykonos (3)
  • Paros (1)
  • Santorini (4)
  • Serifos (1)
  • Thessaloniki (1)
  • Zakynthos (1)

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  • Athens

    The oldest city in Europe, Athens is an enthralling mish mash of the classic and the contemporary—be it architecture, culture, or cuisine.
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  • Crete

    A coastal town on the northern coast of Crete affords visitors a glimpse into a long-ago Greece with its maze-like village streets, ancient ruins, and timeless beaches.
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  • Halkidiki

    In a country known for its pristine beaches, the beaches in Halkidiki are reputed to be the best in Greece.
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  • Kourouta, Peloponnese

    Kourouta beach is located on Greece’s western Peloponnese coast near the town of Amaliada, and puts guests within reach of many of the region’s top attractions.
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  • Mykonos

    Glamorous, glorious, and a magnet for international high-style sybarites, the Greek island of Mykonos tells two magnificent stories—one, a frenetic, non-stop nightlife adventure and the other an ode to natural beauty.
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  • Paros

    Out of the limelight, Paros is a true wonder among the Greek Islands, known for its sweet rural villages, its grey rocks and pampas plants, its golden beaches, and a wealth of outdoor activities.
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  • Santorini

    Santorini beaches are quite popular with their volcanic sand, spectacular sunsets, and cinematic vistas. Head to Kamari beach and Perissa beach for plenty of action, including water sports, bars, and taverna-lined promenades. The list of things to do in Santorini are many but thankfully a winery or a taverna serving amazing Greek food are never far away.
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  • Serifos

    With its rugged landscape and old mining sites, Serifos offers its own distinct Cycladic flair. Despite its rather arid climate and windblown look, Serifos is enwrapped in the warm colors of the Aegean Sea and its soothing breezes.
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  • Thessaloniki

    Thessaloniki may be know as Greece’s “Second City” (after Athens) but just don’t tell that to Thessalonians. To them, their hometown—rich with antiquities, natural beauty, age-old traditions, and a youthful buzz—is rightfully number one.
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  • Zakynthos

    The Greek island of Zakynthos is the third largest of Greece’s Ionian Islands. Its main town of the same name is considered a hotspot for Greek nightlife, while the rest of the island is dotted with traditional villages and characterized by rolling hills, sandy beaches, and historical architecture.
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