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Zakynthos is the third largest of Greece’s Ionian Islands, and is located just off the west coast of the mainland. Also known as Zante, this Greek island boasts over 120 kilometers of coastline, meaning sandy beaches in Zakynthos are easy to find and often uncrowded. While Zakynthos’ top sights include the Byzantine Museum, the Church of Saint Dionysios, the Museum of Solomos, and the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, stray further afield and you’ll find small rural villages, cliffs that meet the Ionian Sea, rolling inland hills, hidden bays, and even more long sandy beaches. The island’s main town—referred to as either Zakynthos, Zaente, or Chora, a common word used when a main town’s name is the same as the island’s—also attracts young merrymakers with its famed Zakynthos nightlife scene.

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