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  • Amenia (1)
  • Austin (1)
  • Callicoon Center (1)
  • Chattanooga (1)
  • Chicago (1)
  • Encinitas (1)
  • Healdsburg (2)
  • Hunter Mountain (1)
  • Jenner (1)
  • Los Angeles (3)
  • Miami (2)
  • New Orleans (1)
  • New York City (5)
  • North Adams (1)
  • Palm Springs (1)
  • San Francisco (1)
  • Tucson (1)

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  • Amenia

    Amenia NY is a small town on the eastern border of Dutchess County, New York state. About two hour’s drive from the NYC Grand Central Station, Amenia makes for an ideal weekend escape for New Yorkers keen on breathing the fresh country air while fishing, hiking, hunting, skiing, cycling, or simply enjoying the headspace.
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  • Austin

    Austin is not only the state capital but it is the artistic and cultural nucleus of Texas and a major technology center.
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  • Callicoon Center

    Set in the heart of Sullivan County, which itself is in the heart of the Catskills, Callicoon Center is a sublime location for experiencing the natural and artisanal charms of the region. Or for simply unplugging.
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  • Chattanooga

    Chattanooga’s city center and the recently designed The Chattanooga Innovation District contain a vibrant mix of start-ups and amenities.
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  • Chicago

    Set on Lake Michigan, Chicago is a big city of bold architecture and celebrated museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago with its noted Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works. Here, too, one finds a rich cultural scene centered around jazz, improvisational comedy, theater, and more.
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  • Encinitas

    Wellness and waves, beaches and beautiful serenity all abound in Encinitas—a Southern California surf town that embodies the mindful spirit of its residents.
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  • Healdsburg

    Northern California has many hotspots, but when it comes to the best in wine and food, Healdsburg is arguably the best.
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  • Hunter Mountain

    Though it didn’t give birth to the counter culture, this haven for nature, artisanal products, craft festivals, and stunning mountainscapes, just a hop-ski-and-a-jump from Manhattan, certainly perfected it.
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  • Jenner

    On the California coast where the Russian River meets the Pacific, Jenner epitomizes small-town Sonoma life while putting guests on the doorstep of the Sonoma Coast State Park.
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  • Los Angeles

    Conjure up images of warm sun, fresh coastal breezes, movie makers and technology trailbreakers and you will still only be watching the small screen version of what Los Angeles entails.
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  • Miami

    When an inventive spirit meets a love for excess and celebration, you get a place like none other in the world—Miami, home to provocative art, inspiring cuisine, world-class beaches, and sparkling nightlife.
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  • New Orleans

    Known colloquially as “The Big Easy”, New Orleans is situated on the Mississippi River in Louisiana and boasts a fast-paced arts and nightlife scene; culinary offerings that draw influence from the city’s history of colonialism and immigration; and annual festivals such as Mardi Gras.
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  • New York City

    New York City, also known as ‘The Capital of the World’, consists of five boroughs and is generally considered one of the most exciting places on this planet.
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  • North Adams

    The resurgent city of North Adams, in the North Berkshires, is a trailhead for New England's history, art, food, music, and exploration.
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  • Palm Springs

    Unfolding in the shadow of the San Jacinto Mountains, this desert hotspot, just a couple of hours’ drive from L.A., is undergoing a revitalization that recalls the kind of sophisticated cool that attracted Hollywood celebrities more than half a century ago.
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  • San Francisco

    This frontier city is perpetually on the edge—San Francisco is where the gold rushes, Ginsberg Howls, consciousness expands, love is supreme, and young CEOs invent change.
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  • Tucson

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