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Mamula Island

S Mamula Island Hotel Herceg Novi Montenegro
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  • Food & Drink

    3 restaurants, 4 bars

  • Spa & Recreation

    3 pools, holistic spa, sunbeds, beach, yoga

  • Food & Drink

    3 restaurants, 4 bars

  • Spa & Recreation

    3 pools, holistic spa, sunbeds, beach, yoga

Encircled by the sea, Mamula Island is a diligently restored 19th-century fort—a one-of-a-kind setting reimagined for sophisticated individualists and lovers of nature.

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Mamula Island Hotel Rooms

Architecture MCM

Mamula Island Hotel Architecture 1
Mamula Island Hotel Architecture 2
Mamula Island Hotel Architecture 3

Architecture MCM

Originally a fortress built in 1852 by Austro-Hungarian General Lazar Mamula, the hotel is born from a meticulous restoration...

done in concert with local heritage authorities. Every brick, wall, and feature has been carefully restored to its original state, yet with a keen eye to the surrounding natural elements. Through prominent courtyards and outdoor gathering spots, the hotel has become an open, breathing entity that allows the sea, wind, rocks, and crashing waves to augment the beauty of the structure. The hotel does not have a lobby in the traditional sense, with the fort’s tower hosting the spa, suites, and more.

Interior design Piotr Wisniewski, weStudio

The hotel presents a holistic design that allows each space to resonate based on its innate, historic elements.

Through organic materials like wood, stone, and natural fabrics, as well as a color palette of earth tones and bright hues, the interiors echo the beauty of the surrounding nature. Locally sourced stone in the spa captures the space’s meditative spirit, while different stone types in rooms create a unique narrative for each guest. The interiors use cultural references to create a modern reinterpretation of a retreat, with inspiration ranging from local artisanal trades to minimalist midcentury style.

Mamula Island Hotel Interior Design
Mamula Island Hotel The Originals 1

The Originals Samih Sawiris

“I’ve always loved the ocean. I get sick if I stray too far from water.”
Samih Sawiris

Mamula Island Hotel The Originals 2

Offbeat Destinations Seaside splendor

Mamula Island Hotel Theme Box 02 Offbeat Destination

Offbeat Destinations Seaside splendor

The mainland’s stunning mountains and coastline are accessible with a picturesque boat ride—an invitation to discover Montenegro’s rich history and culture.

Crystal-clear waters and wild scenery surround the island with the terraced, coastal town of Herceg Novi just a short boat ride from the hotel. There, you will discover a long promenade with countless restaurants and several nightclubs. Croatia, too, is easily reachable by boat.

Food & Drink Graphic and simple

At Kamena, the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant, French culinary techniques and savoir-faire produce delicious results.

Simplicity and sophistication are key for French-Canadian chef Erica Archambault, a rising figure from the Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant Septime. Using the best local ingredients, Archambault brings sensitivity and elegance to the kitchen. The restaurant itself is set atop the west wing of the fort overlooking the southern tip of the Croatian coast and featuring stunning sunset views.

Mamula Island Hotel Theme Box 01 Food And Drink (1)
Mamula Island Hotel Theme Box 03 Well Being 1
Mamula Island Hotel Theme Box 03 Well Being 2
Mamula Island Hotel Theme Box 03 Well Being 3
Mamula Island Hotel Theme Box 03 Well Being 4

Well-being The haven within

A 360-degree wellness philosophy perfectly complements 360-degree views of the island’s stunning surroundings.

Three pools, an indoor gym and studio (with classes available), and ritual rooms entice those who want to balance the surrounding beauty with on-property exercise and mindfulness. Or simply indulge in Shamanic body treatments, massages, facials, and more at the hotel’s spa, where traditional techniques are paired with forward-thinking therapies.


Montenegro’s Feel-Good Island

Want some adventure but can’t give up on the luxury? Come end of summer, lovers of design, nature, wellness, and culture will be drawn to Mamula Island hotel set in a carefully restored 19th-century fort.

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01 Sneak Peak Mamula Island



Herceg Novi

Mamula Island
Ostrvo Mamula
Herceg Novi 85340

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