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Pnoēs Tinos

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  • Temperature today

    20°C / 69°F

  • Location

    • Set in a lush, green valley in close proximity to broad sandy beaches, the hotel captures the purity and serenity of Tinos, which is a 30-minute boat ride from Mykonos or a 2-hour flight from Athens. Famous for its traditional villages, marble that attracts sculptors from around the world, and churches and chapels that inspire religious pilgrimages, the island of Tinos draws an array of global travelers who come for tastings at award-winning wineries, surfing along the northern coast, diverse hiking trails, pristine beaches, and an island of natural splendor.

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  • Nearest airport

    • JMK - Mykonos Airport


  • Spa & Recreation

    • The outdoors plays a key role in the Pnoēs experience. From relaxing by your private pool and discovering pristine beaches to enjoying sunset from a hiking trail, the hotel guides its guests to what is most special on the island.

  • Food & Drink

    • The hotel collaborates with local restaurateurs to provide the most meaningful dining experiences on the island.

  • What's more

    • Pnoēs has formed a tightly knit community based on quality and value. The hotel collaborates with local shop owners and restaurateurs to offer special discounts at restaurants, bars, shops, and leisure activities. Showcased works in the hotel by contemporary young Greek artists are also available for sale, while each villa also features a curated selection of books and design magazines.

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