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Hotel St. George
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Hotel St. George

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    -0°C / 32°F

  • Location

    • Modern, easy to walk, and enchanting, Helsinki is known for its design, technology, architectural wonders, cool boutiques, delightful restaurants, and beguiling bars, as well as its easy access to Stockholm and St. Petersburg (just three hours away by direct train). Its unique character comes from its bridging role between East and West and from its close proximity to the sea. Not to be missed are the main railway station (a majestic early-20th-century creation in the National Romantic style) and The National Theater (an Art Nouveau masterpiece by architect Onni Tarjanne). Indeed, fans of Art Nouveau will want to be sure to stroll the city’s Katajanokka, Kruunuhaka, and Eira neighborhoods.

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  • Nearest airport

    • HEL - Helsinki Airport

  • Nearest train station

    • Helsingin päärautatieasema


  • Spa & Recreation

    • Pool, treatments, sauna, yoga, tai chi, meditation and detoxification and renewal programs

  • Food & Drink

    • Restaurant Boon Nam: Thai cuisine, winter garden bar and St. George bakery & bar

  • Conference & Meetings

    • 3 meeting spaces (8 to 12 people)

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What is Nordic Classicism, Modernism, and Functionalism? Find out by taking a trip with us through this country via Alvar and Aino Aalto’s most poignant architectural projects.


Hotel St. George
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