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  • Beijing (1)
  • Hong Kong (3)
  • Shanghai (1)
  • Shangri-la, Yunnan (1)
  • Yangzhou (1)
  • Zhangzhou (1)

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  • Beijing

    Still the seat of the communist political power in China, Beijing is a power-lovers dream. Whether it’s the Ming dynasty, the Mongol Yuan dynasty, or the communist party, they’ve all shaped this city—and their impact can still be experienced today.
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  • Hong Kong

    The island of Hong Kong, on China’s south coast, is one of the world’s most vertical cities, a leading financial center, and home to a stellar dining scene. Yet, the old world also abounds with Taoist temples, age-old street markets, and, of course, English tea.
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  • Shanghai

    The most Westernized city in China, Shanghai has dedicated itself to modernization and to creating a world of towering skyscrapers. But old ways and tradition still abound. Anyone care for a deep-fried scorpion?
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  • Shangri-La, Yunnan

    Welcome to Shangri-La! Yunnan province is arguably China’s most beautiful with an exotic mix of people, bewildering landscapes, untouched ancient towns, and a cuisine that creeps up on you.
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  • Yangzhou

    Straddling the Grand Canal north of the Yangtze River, Yangzhou in Jiangsu province is known for its stunning landscaped gardens, ancient shrines, moon gates, classical bridges, and a cuisine to rival any of the world’s finest—this is China’s rich heritage in full glory.
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  • Zhangzhou

    The provincial Fujian capital of Zhangzhou is the site of some of the most beautiful residential architecture in China. Travelers come here to visit earthen tulou buildings (both circular and square), experience traditional rural life, and enjoy the mountain scenery.
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