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The Best Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong, China

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Set on China's south coast, Hong Kong has only seven million people but feels like a country unto itself. Granted, a country rich in contradictions. It’s one of the world's leading financial centers, but here one can also brush up against vendors selling simple meals from crude stalls. Glistening high rises cast shadows across wooden boats. A rickety tram can carry you across the island, while one of the world’s great public transportation systems runs beneath. Hong Kong hotels are filled with folks who enjoy both sophisticated restaurants and the old-world tranquility found at Taoist temples and afternoon tea. The city is also home to glitzy shopping emporia (here one finds one of the world's largest shopping malls), which seem to make the perfect first stop from the hotels in Hong Kong, as well as a prelude to the many chic bars that populate the city. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury Hong Kong hotels.

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3 Hotels