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      • Brisbane

        The gem of Queensland, Brisbane offers the perfect mix of big city life, with its world-class galleries and café culture, but retains a small community feel where locals can often be found outdoors taking advantage of the city’s subtropical climate.
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      • Canberra

        Canberra, meaning “meeting place” in the Aborigine language, is a hidden Australian gem where creative, political, and social influxes are paving the way for new models of urban living.
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      • Melbourne

        One of the world’s most livable cities, Melbourne boasts splendid Victorian architecture, a cafe culture, vibrant neighborhoods, and a melting pot of Greeks, Chinese, and Italians. It’s also home to world-class fashion, music, and nightlife.
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      • Sydney

        A lively food scene, glittering beaches, a great cultural life, and the way Sydney’s indigenous and convict history is so often hidden in plain sight, make this harbor city addictive.
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