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001 Japanese Landscape

Combining ancient culture with exquisite natural landscapes and dazzling modernity, Japan sits elegantly in its dichotomy as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

002 Setouchi Retreat Aonagi

Okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi Matsuyama, Japan

“You can’t have this experience anywhere
else on the planet.”

003 Japan Traveler (1)

A season for everyone

On the one hand, it is a hyperfuturistic vision of neon and next-gen tech, while on the other, it is a place of deeply held traditions from Shinto to samurai. Japan is a long and slender, highly volcanic archipelago. Over two-thirds of it is covered by mountains, with bubbling hot springs at every turn. Each season offers its own charm. In the warmer months there is excellent hiking, through cedar groves and fields of wildflowers, up to soaring peaks and ancient shrines. In the winter, all this is covered with snow and the skiing is world class.

004 Satoyama Food

Food at Satoyama Jujo Dishes feature locally sourced seasonal ingredients

005 Japanese Landscape

Minami-Uonuma Rice from this region is considered the best in Japan

006 Satoyama Food

Keiko Kuwakino One of the three food creators at Satoyama Jujo

“I wanted to expose people to the benefits of an organic lifestyle in a more authentic way.”
Toru Iwasa

View portrait

007A Hakone Retreat Interior (1)

Okcs Retreat Hakone före & villa 1/f Large windows bring the nature in

007B Further Tokyo

Further Tokyo: Urban Futures Exploring new ideas about urban living

007C Japanese Culture

Ema wooden prayers boards Found outside Shinto and Buddisht shrines

007D Japanese Culture (1)

A traditional ryokan The Japanese word for inn

007E Setouchi Retreat Aonagi

Okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi Tadao Ando's minimalist masterpiece

007F Japanese Culture (1)

Ginkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto The Zen garden

008 1 Charities 008 2 Charities 008 3 Charities

We’ve found some local charities in Japan that will help you make a difference.

We’ve found some local charities in Japan that will help you make a difference.

008 1 Charities
008 2 Charities
008 3 Charities

All routes lead to and out from Tokyo

Tokyo’s seemingly never-ending sprawl is a marvel, the ultimate city in which to get lost and enjoy local hospitality in izakayas, before quiet contemplation in hidden temples. To connect with the country’s traditional culture, head away from the capital and spend the night in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), sleeping on futons and tatami mats, and padding through well-worn wooden halls to the bathhouse. The island nation is also known for its stunning nature—from soaring mountains and remote beaches, to forests that invite Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, meaning time spent appreciating a forest for health reasons.

008 Tokyo

Tokyo street view A city of the future

009 Karaoke Shibuya Tokyo

Tokyo street view A city of the past

010 Further Kenta Hayashi

Kenta Hayashi Guitarist and artistic musician

There’s a reason why karaoke—“empty orchestra”—is so big in Japan. Because the music scene is so frenetic that people just can’t hold themselves back. Turn it up in Tokyo with our Spotify playlist.

012 Further Tokyo

Easy access An information point in Tokyo

011 Further Tokyo

The Yamanote Tokyo’s most important train line

It’s hard to have a bad meal here

Japanese cuisine has great regional variations. The hearty dishes of the mountains are dramatically different from the delicate sushi for which the coast is famous. Then there are the noodles: Japan’s top ramen pilgrimage sites are Fukuoka, where the speciality is tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, and Sapporo, where the specialty is miso ramen. The food is intensely seasonal, meaning you can visit at a different time of year and experience totally new tastes.


Words Vidula Kotian   Date 04 October 2020

The Originals Yoshitaka Nojiri

“In my teenage years, I witnessed the heyday of Shibuya. I want to reignite the neighborhood’s creative members with the Trunk.”
Yoshitaka Nojiri

Read his story

013 Mbo Trunk Joshitaka Nojiri

The Originals Akinori Kanao & Seiichiro Takeuchi

“The people who surround me lead me to where I am now.”
Akinori Kanao

Read their story

17 MBO Node Kyoto Akinori Kanao Seiichiro Takeuchi Temple

Further Tokyo

A Monumental Legacy

Prolific Japanese architect Paul Noritaka Tange is helping to transform the built landscape of Asia, carrying on the work of his father, Kenzō Tange, one of the most significant architects of the 20th century.

View more

014 Further Tange Monumental Legacy
Komoot Nature

Soaring mountains, city oases, and remote beaches, to forests that invite Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing—Japan has it all. Immerse yourself in its sights, sounds, and smells with these five distinct walking guides. Click below and off you go.

Walk with Komoot

DH Japan Bullet Train 00 Header


Wabi-Sabi: An Imperfect Guide to Japan

As we assess all that we’ve taken for granted this year, we found that travel is high on that list. We are dreaming about traveling through Japan but find that it’s also become important to ask how and why. Inspired by the unique Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, we decided to peer into this captivating land through this special lens.

04 Further Tokyo Urban Futures


Urban Futures

Further brought a group of architects, hoteliers and place-makers from across the Asian continent to Tokyo to explore new ideas about urban living and the cities of tomorrow.

Journal Article Monastic 01


Seven Hotels That Help You Switch Off

As the weather cools in the global north, we bring you a roundup of hotels with bare-bones aesthetics that help you grasp the vastness of one’s own solitude.

KV Revisted


Geoffrey Moussas

“The experience of everyday life, your interactions, everything affects the way you perceive things.”

DH Ancient Rituals Bp 00


Ancient Rituals to Practice Now

“Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients,” Hippocrates wisely said—and we couldn’t agree with him more. Ancient wellness practices such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine advocate a holistic view on wellness, connecting the body with the mind and working with local plants and herbs to take you to a new dimension of health.

Culture Teaser Farm To Table (1)


Why Farm-to-Table Has Gone Wild

The farm-to-table movement has been around longer than most of us think. It started as a counter cultural ethos in the 1960s to the ubiquity of canned goods in the postwar period.

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