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Matterhorn Alpine Crossing

Combine urban elegance with natural beauty in a journey that promises to touch the heart and soul. Our member hotels Cervo Mountain Resort and Hotel Viu Milan join forces to present a unique experience between Milan, Italy, and Zermatt, Switzerland.

271 DS Cervo

Imagine a bridge connecting the modern skyscrapers of Milan and the majestic peaks of Zermatt. 

A magical mix that will allow you to enjoy the sunset over the Milan skyline, sipping an aperitif, finding yourself the next day wrapped in a blanket admiring the stars from the Alps. 

The synergy between Hotel VIU Milan and CERVO Mountain Resort is an invitation to experience luxury not as matter but as emotion, combining urban elegance with natural beauty in a journey that promises to touch the heart and soul. 

Every detail is designed to ensure a limitless experience between Italy and Switzerland, inviting each guest to discover not only two destinations but also their inner selves. 

Ready to hit the road?

Stay Dates and Location

June 18 - Sep 9, 2024
Hotel VIU Milan
Cervo Mountain Resort

Rate Inclusions

Transfer from Hotel VIU Milan to Cervo Mountain Resort (or vice versa), including one-way Matterhorn Alpine Crossing tickets and car transfers in both locations from the gondola station

Includes breakfast at both properties

Free upgrade upon availability

VIP Welcome

Late check out and early check in upon availability

How to book

Please reach out to our reservations team:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 00 800 37 46 83 57
Mon - Fri, 9:00 to 18:00 CEST

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