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01 Epigentic Boost Retreat


The Epigenetic Approach to Well-being


Words Vidula KotianDate 28 February 2024

This Friday, Eremito is hosting an epigenetic boost retreat aimed at improving your health through genetic changes. In collaboration with yoga and meditation teacher and relational counselor Federico Insabato, the hotel presents three days focusing on how to become aware of your body and its physiological characteristics. The program will include a blood pressure and blood sugar analysis, and a medical check-up for the participants, meditation, yoga, health talks, nature walks, lots of relaxation, and a vegetarian ketogenic diet. We had a brief chat with Insabato on how some healthy habits can influence physiological values directly linked to the aging of cells, thus increasing well-being and longevity. 

02 Epigentic Boost Retreat

Eremito, a contemporary hermitage in Umbria

03 Epigentic Boost Retreat

Connecting with nature and self is the key to a holistic approach to health

What drew you to the epigenetic boost approach?

I am a yoga and meditation teacher and relational counselor so I have worked with people over a long period of time, encouraging consciousness and well-being. Now with the epigenetic boost approach, it all becomes more scientific, connecting ancient knowledge with a medical point of view. We measure the blood pressure and glycemic index to help us understand people’s stress levels and how and why it increases or decreases, and thereby manage it.

04 Epigentic Boost Retreat

“If you spend more time connecting with nature, your stress levels start to decrease naturally. Of course, here at Eremito, the nature is special, but even a city park or a balcony with some plants can do the job. And reconquering your breath is the door to deep relaxation and permits your body to auto-cure itself.”

Federico Insabato

What are your top three tips from the approach that have worked for you?

Connecting with nature

Deepening the breath

Moving the body gently

What’s the one thing you think would benefit the majority of people’s health?

Gentle movement is the key to start feeling our body again and consequently our needs and our potential. It doesn’t matter what kind of movement—yoga or Tai Chi, for example, are great to ease tensions in the body allowing the energy to flow freely within you.

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