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Georgia Rising 001

Georgia Rising: A Journey Into the Caucasus

Our writer and photographer ventured into Georgia in search of places for renewal, shelter, communion, and expressions of the sublime. Here’s what they found.

Blog Direxc Spa 01

The Spa Is Dead. Long Live the New Wellness.

The current evolution of wellness hospitality stems from travelers’ desire to learn about and participate in the unique cultures and histories of the places they visit.

Think Hyperlocal Header Teaser 01

Four Hotels Defining What It Means To Be ‘Hyperlocal’

The time is far behind us when travelers settled for indistinguishably luxurious chain accommodations. These days, it seems everyone wants to talk about local hubs providing locally sourced products and services.

006 Myconian Avaton Brothers Helicopter

Vangelis, Panos, Markos, and Marios Daktylides

Following in the footsteps of Mykonos’ leading hospitality figure, the four brothers stand united in their quest to provide truly authentic island experiences.

001 Marcello Murzilli

Marcello Murzilli

A barista turned fashion designer turned circumnavigator turned pioneering hotelier reimagines luxury (again).

MBO Tortue Hamburg Header Carsten Van Der Heide Marc Ciunis Thumb

Marc Ciunis & Carsten von der Heide

By mining the spirit of Hamburg’s French past—and their own spirited way of looking at life—this veteran hospitality duo has reshaped an entire district in Hamburg’s heart.

002 Rafael Sainz Skeves

Rafael Sainz Skewes

When Rafael Sainz Skewes’ motorcycle brought him to the perfect beach, he knew he had to find a way to stay.

001 Vaclav Dejcmar

Vaclav Dejcmar

When Czech polymath Václav Dejčmar locked eyes on a far-flung African beach, he envisioned his own hotel. He didn’t see what would come next.

001 Marc Chodock

Marc Chodock

This one-time New York City financier understood that hardworking creative Manhattanites were looking for a new kind of high-style escape just 90 minutes from Manhattan.

004 Ekies Alexandra Efstathiadou

Alexandra Efstathiadou

For Alexandra Efstathiadou, Ekies All Senses Resort is more than a hotel. It is childhood recaptured. It is luxury without pretense.

001 Gabriele Salini

Gabriele Salini

This ninth generation Roman’s passion for art, vintage design, and life itself is reflected in the standout hotel that he created along with business partner and friend Emanuele Garosci.

John Voigtmann Thumb

John Voigtmann

When this brave New Yorker was told that his dream would be impossible to achieve, he simply rolled up his sleeves and got busy.

001 Carlos Couturier Moises Micha

Carlos Couturier & Moisés Micha

For Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha, going from citrus farming and investment banking to owning a growing portfolio of boutique hotels in New York, Mexico, and Chicago, means always being motivated, experimental, and business-savvy.

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