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Selfoss, Iceland


Tryggvi Thorsteinsson, Minarc

The Originals

Sigurlaug Sverrisdóttir



With its remote location on the multicolored slopes of Mt. Hengill, an active volcano, Ion Adventure Hotel has respect for nature and the community at the core of its ethos. In a past life, the building was the workers’ inn for a geothermal power plant. When the structure was renovated with the help of Santa Monica-based design studio Minarc, natural features, innovative materials, and sustainable practices were built in. The water system is a particularly impressive feat, as the hotel goes through a lot of water in its sprawling spa. All greywater goes through an extensive filtration process. After several layers of cleaning, the water is filtered through lava to be reused in 50 years. As the hotel is so remote, a connection to the local community is essential. Local farmers and producers have naturally become an extension of Ion’s vibrant community.

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Prefabricated concrete blocks were used during construction to cause limited harm to the environment. Local workers, materials, products, and businesses were called upon.

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As a lot of water is used in the spa, the hotel installed one of the most sustainable systems to clean and reuse water. After several layers of cleaning, all greywater is filtered through lava to be reused in 50 years.

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As all energy is provided by the local geothermal energy provider, Ion is certified as a green energy hotel.

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All hot water comes from the ground via geothermal springs.

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Products & Produce

All products for the restaurant and hotel are sourced from local businesses.

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As the hotel is so remote, the hotel supports locals by purchasing products and services from surrounding farms and other businesses.

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For the adventure tours, the hotel works with selected operators that support green energy. The hotel encourages outdoor activities such as hiking, fly fishing, and more.

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Electrical charging stations are located at the hotel.

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Healthy Workplace

Employees have the opportunity to participate in sustainable activities and education. They are invited to experience local activities and volunteering efforts, including supporting the local rescue team and biking to plant trees.

Learn about our Conscious Hotel Principles

We spoke with Sigurlaug Sverrisdóttir, the Original behind Ion Adventure Hotel, to learn the latest on the hotel’s conscious journey.


What is your sustainability philosophy?

Our aim is to stay true to nature and close to the neighborhood.


How do you forge a connection to the local community and cultural surroundings?

We encourage business with the local community and we embrace our culture.


What do you see as the biggest sustainability hurdle for hotels? How are you combating that?

Hotels use many products that must be renewed for every guest. We aim to forge partnerships with local community businesses so that products have a short distance to travel before reaching guests. We only buy from businesses that make an effort to produce in a sustainable manner.

The Originals Sigurlaug Sverrisdóttir

“We’ve learned how to live with and respect nature.”

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Ion Adventure Hotel

Selfoss, Iceland

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Ion Adventure Hotel

Iceland, Selfoss
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