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- Cervo Mountain Resort

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Zermatt, Switzerland

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Zermatt Railway Station


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The Originals

Seraina Lauber & Daniel Lauber


Ibex Fairstay

While Cervo Mountain Resort has been dedicated to sustainability since its 2009 opening, the hotel has doubled down on its commitment in recent years. In 2020, Cervo began an eight-month renovation process, adding a geothermal heat pump that can generate up to 95% of the hotel’s energy requirements for hot water and heating. Cervo believes in “a mindful awareness of life” that extends to interactions with visitors, staff, and their surroundings. Guests are encouraged not to bring a car—Zermatt is car-free, in fact—and are given the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions at check-out. What’s more, the design, restaurants, activities, and experience encourage visitors to forge a connection with nature that lasts long after the train ride home.

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Wood is used to fit into the surrounding nature. The original chalet, where the main reception is, has remained much the same. Regional traditions are highlighted throughout.

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All trash is separated and recycled accordingly. We donate all leftover candles to a company working with disabled people to produce new products.

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Cervo uses LED lighting, solar panels on the balconies, geothermal energy, efficient wastewater heat recovery, and more.

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Guests have reusable water bottles in their rooms, which they can fill at smart taps that also make sparkling and heated water.

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Products & Produce

Whenever possible, products come from within 150km of Zermatt. Where this is not possible, the hotel chooses sustainable and organic suppliers.

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Cervo supports local initiatives, such as sports clubs, and runs projects in collaboration with Lebensraum Zermatt, including a monthly soup table, a regular vegetable market, and an annual Sustainability Day.

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Guests can join complimentary yoga, mediation, and Pilates classes. The hotel also recommends hiking and biking routes in the summer and skiing options in the winter.

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Zermatt is car-free, so it is only reachable by train or taxi. Cervo recommends that guests do not rent a car during their stay.

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Healthy Workplace

Weekly staff activities such as yoga, climbing, skiing, and meditation are offered. Weekly breakfasts or after-work drinks are offered. Career development is encouraged by looking for managers from within existing teams.

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Employees are trained at the beginning of their contract and are regularly informed about the sustainability efforts. Staff is encouraged to speak with guests about these programs.

Learn about our Conscious Hotel Principles

We spoke with the team at Cervo Mountain Resort to learn the latest on the hotel’s conscious journey.


What is your sustainability philosophy?

Since Cervo was founded in 2009, ecological and social responsibility have been central principles. The ethical treatment of people and the environment is part of all processes and permeates all areas. It’s in our mission: Cervo is a gathering point for pleasure, inspiration, and relaxation; is committed to the regenerative use of resources and a holistic employee culture; and signifies cordiality and high quality.


How do you forge a connection to the local community and cultural surroundings?

No hotel is an island. Being anchored in Zermatt and the Alpine region comes with social and ecological responsibility. Cervo takes this into account by focusing on the local. The mostly long-term cooperations with our suppliers and partners are based on the trust that arises from direct, personal exchange. We have known our partners and suppliers for years. Their social or ecological commitment leaves a positive impact on the environment.

Community is what makes Cervo special. In addition to supporting local initiatives, like local sports clubs, we also host projects organized by Lebensraum Zermatt, such as our monthly soup table, our regular vegetable market, and our annual Sustainability Day. Especially in our small mountain paradise, our motto is: Go out and live!


What do you see as the biggest sustainability hurdle for hotels? How are you combating that?

We can only do so much—in the end, we also rely on the efforts of our guests. For example, they may want their towels washed every day or may choose not to pay to offset the carbon emissions from their stay.

We offer options to make it as easy as possible for our guests to make sustainable choices. If a guest decides to pay to offset their stay, we double every Swiss franc. We add a small charge on every meat dish to compensate for the carbon dioxide. Also, guests need to specifically leave a card on their bed if they would like to have their sheets changed.

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Cervo Mountain Resort

Zermatt, Switzerland

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Cervo Mountain Resort

Switzerland, Zermatt
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