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DH PRO Academy Boutique Spas Chable Cr Kenny Viese

Welcome to Design Hotels Pro Academy

Join Design Hotels Pro Academy, Design Hotels' community of like minded Travel Professionals, who are eager to explore our state-of-the-art boutique hotels and expand their knowledge of the portfolio. Explore our toolkit of brand resources including special promotions, view our hotels in vivid images in the hotel presentations section or get to know new member hotels and their facilities. Make sure to check back every once in a while as we are continuously updating this page.

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G 02 Runo Hotel Porvoo

Porvoo, Finland 

Runo Hotel Porvoo

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T Wilmina Berlin Germany

Berlin, Germany


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T Vocabolo Moscatelli Umbertide Italy

Umbertide, Italy 

Vocabolo Moscatelli

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G 01 La Maison Palmier

Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

La Maison Palmier 

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Vora in Santorini, Greece

Discover Greece with this itinerary

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Our Conscious Journey

We see our hotels as a global network of inspiring, forward-thinking spaces that make a positive impact on their surroundings, connect travelers to local communities, and enact gentler ways to move in the world.

03 Best Of Spa Olea

Wellness destinations

Six Wellness Destinations That Go Beyond the Spa

A deep breath and a reverberating ooommmm can set a lot of things right, but a change of scene and a well-thought-out wellness program can do miracles.

130 Lo Sereno Facade Palm Leaves

Off beat destinations

Six Gorgeous Garden Getaways

These six hotels from around the world are true unique experiences and an arborist’s dream and a joy to behold.

Eremito Nature View Hotel 009

Nature destinations

10 Nature Lodges Where You Can Run Wild

It is in nature that we find our solace, our ability to regenerate, and in these times of anxiety, a balm for our frayed nerves. Discover our 10 joyous nature lodges for a deep breath of fresh air.

002 Foggy Destinations BP

Retreat destinations

10 Meditative Foggy Destinations

Discover 10 hotels that are an invitation to attentive stillness and absolute presence, reminding us to cherish the beauty of life not despite its perishability but precisely because of it.

Discover our art, craft, and creativity

DH Pro Brand Resources

Brand Resources

The Brand Resources include everything you might need, from high resolution logos to booking information, portfolio overview, special promotions such as the 15% Commission Campaign, Travel Industry Rates and more.

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DH Pro Presentation

Hotel Presentations

Discover Design Hotels members in these in depth hotel presentations featuring detailed guestroom descriptions, information about commission, special rates and program participation. The unique approach of our truly inspiring "Originals" shines through. 

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DH Pro Factsheets

Hotel Factsheets

Explore the vast array of Design Hotels member hotels including the latest additions to our portfolio. Learn more about our inspiring hotels, exciting locations, leisure experiences and versatile MICE facilities, and more.

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