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Recently a Los Angeles Times art critic declared: “Manhattan is over.” The thesis behind the sentiment is that the New York art scene has become so choc-a-bloc with galleries and so expensive that artists and smart gallery owners are now moving to LA in scene-changing numbers (all one need do is count the many boutique and luxury Los Angeles hotels). And then there’s the coffeehouse world—that bellwether of hipness. Once bleak and ignored, Downtown LA is now peppered with these islands of creative cool. Design and cuisine, too, are undergoing transformations, from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art undergoing a major 10-year expansion, to the new Broad Museum with some 2,000 contemporary works. There’s also the star-studded Hollywood scene, the glamorous Venice Beach and Santa Monica neighborhood, the forever-fashionable Beverly Hills, and such cultural beacons as the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Greystone Mansion. Stay at one of our boutique hotels in LA and you too can discover Southern California’s beating heart. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury Los Angeles hotels.

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4 Hotels