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Vigilius Mountain Resort

S Vigilius Mountain Resort Lana Italy
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  • Food & Drink

    Alpine cuisine and wine cellar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Brine pool, whirlpool, massage, sauna, ski, and ice skating

  • Conference & Meetings

    4 rooms and banqueting areas

  • Food & Drink

    Alpine cuisine and wine cellar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Brine pool, whirlpool, massage, sauna, ski, and ice skating

  • Conference & Meetings

    4 rooms and banqueting areas

This eco-friendly mountain hideaway is renowned for its pristine views of the Dolomite Mountains and its exquisite Alpine cuisine.

Rooms & Suites

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Vigilius Mountain Resort Rooms (1)

Architecture Matteo Thun

Vigilius Mountain Resort Architecture (2)

Architecture Matteo Thun

To connect with nature, architect Matteo Thun used wood, glass, and the guiding principles of “organic architecture”.

Thun utilized wood and glass in a way that creates an intimate dialogue between man and nature. True to his ecologically friendly approach, energy and nature conservation are consequently executed. Here, one finds a grass-covered roof, the use of natural larch wood throughout, and internally heated clay walls in each room.

Interior design Matteo Thun

Encouraging guests to connect with nature, the designer has crafted spaces that are devoid of distracting artwork.

Clear design, warm colors, and natural materials linked to South Tyrolean history are employed throughout to achieve a simplicity that frees the mind and opens the senses. All guestrooms face either east or west, but always to the outside. Not a single piece of art on the walls distracts your personal dialogue with nature.

Vigilius Mountain Resort Lobby in Lana

Well-being Life energy

Here, larches and the Dolomites blend organically into the pool area.

With spa treatments that draw connections between the unique treasures of the South Tyrolean mountains and Far Eastern healing arts, the wellness retreat at Vigilius Mountain Resort is a one-of-a-kind center for natural, healing body rituals.

Vigilius Mountain Resort Theme Box 01 Wellness
Vigilius Mountain Resort Theme Box 02 Wellness
Vigilius Mountain Resort Theme Box 03 Wellness

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“Our big goal for the future is to give something back because it is not enough to simply become more sustainable.”

Icon Architecture (1)


Architect Matteo Thun built a refuge where nature, not man, is the “creator.” Natural materials made from renewable resources seamlessly balance nature and architecture.

Icon Waste (1)


The hotel recycles, separates waste, and reduces plastics through such measures as solid shampoo bars.

Icon Energy (1)


Energy is sourced from local biomass. First-class insulation and LED lighting reduce energy waste. 

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

Restaurant 1500 uses primarily organic products from the immediate vicinity to craft its dishes.

Icon Culture (1)


The hotel regularly hosts local musicians. The team also teaches guests about local traditions and the local dialect.

Icon Recreation (1)


Guests are invited to connect with nature through forest bathing, guided hikes, outdoor workout classes, biking, and more.

Icon Accessability (1)


The hotel is located in a car-free zone. Guests can reach the property via the train and a cable car.

Icon Communication (1)


Vigilius often publishes stories about environmental protection and sustainable practices on its social media channels.

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Vigilius Mountain Resort
Vigiloch Mountain
Lana 39011

Facts & Facilities

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