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Dexamenes Seaside Hotel

S Dexamenes Seaside Hotel Kourouta Greece
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  • Food & Drink

    Bar-lounge and taverna

  • Spa & Recreation

    Yoga space, art gallery and local gastronomy courses

  • Food & Drink

    Bar-lounge and taverna

  • Spa & Recreation

    Yoga space, art gallery and local gastronomy courses

A bold work of concrete industrial architecture, Dexamenes invites guests to stay in old wine tanks and marvel at the Ionian Sea just meters away.

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Architecture K-Studio

Dexamenes Seaside Hotel Exterior in Amaliada

Architecture K-Studio

Dexamenes is an architectural slice of Greek trading history on the mainland’s western Peloponnese coast.

The abandoned wine factory, set directly on the sea, comprises wine tanks that have been minimally restored to preserve their original industrial feel, and are laid out in two parallel rows of concrete blocks with a steel-frame extension.

Interior design K-Studio

The patina of exposed interior concrete walls contrasts with engineered glass partitions and polished terrazzo floors...

while elements of timber add dashes of warmth in a nod to the area’s nautical history. The visionary behind the design and architecture concept here, K-Studio, is also responsible for Design Hotels member Perianth Hotel.

Dexamenes Seaside Hotel Bar Terrace in Amaliada

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History Raise a glass

After achieving independence from Ottoman rule in 1830, Greece made currants its main export.

However, following a drop in demand for the fruit in the late 1800s, the country explored possible new uses for its unsold currants. This gave rise to the construction of the first wineries and distilleries. A perfect example of the architectural methods of the time, the winery that houses Dexamenes was built on the water so that the wine could be pumped directly onto ships.

Beach Kourouta Beach

Where the Peloponnese meets the sea, Kourouta Beach offers clear Ionian waters and is a launching pad for further exploration.

Dexamenes Seaside Hotel Theme Box 1
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The Design Diaries – K-Studio

Looking at projects by K-Studio, one can’t help but be amazed by the energy of the light-filled spaces they design. Founded by Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis, the studio creates this kinetic vigour by celebrating the history of the spaces, the architectural traditions of the location, and with a profound understanding of how light plays out in rooms.

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Kourouta, Peloponnese

Dexamenes Seaside Hotel
Pedestrian of Kourouta Beach
Kourouta, Peloponnese PC 27200

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    9°C / 48°F