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Cretan Malia Park

S Cretan Malia Park Crete Greece (1)
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  • Food & Drink

    3 restaurants

  • Spa & Recreation

    The Cute Spa, gym, and small yoga studio

  • Architecture

    Vana Pernari Architecture Studio

  • Interior design

    Vana Pernari Architecture Studio

  • The Originals

    Agapi & Costantza Sbokou

  • Themes

    Sustainability, Food & Drink, Beach

  • Food & Drink

    3 restaurants

  • Spa & Recreation

    The Cute Spa, gym, and small yoga studio

A lush outside world perfect for families blends harmoniously within at this expansive retreat where traditional materials and textures offer a new take on Cretan luxury.

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Interior design Vana Pernari Architecture Studio

Cretan Malia Park Design in Malia

Interior design Vana Pernari Architecture Studio

The hotel uses traditional materials, textures, and colors of Crete, as well as curious indigenous objects...

to curate a warm atmosphere. Walnut, chestnut, and bamboo combine with rattan, ceramic, stone, and brass to create a palette of wood tones, mustard yellow, copper-red, blue, green, and orange that imparts a relaxed, boho mood in the bright, airy rooms. Murals artistically bring the nature of Crete inside the living spaces and serve as main focal points for the interior design.

Architecture Vana Pernari Architecture Studio

Swaying palms, Indian figs, and banana trees are part of an exotic garden that serves as a strong reference point...

and a dynamic architectural element that animates the property. The hotel’s modernist structures were constructed in the late 1980s by Antonis Stylianides, who once worked with Bauhaus legend Walter Gropius. Cretan Malia Park was fully renovated in 2018 by Vana Pernari, who used assorted colors, materials, and styles from multiple design eras, while still maintaining a strong Cretan identity.

Cretan Malia Park Design in Malia
Cretan Malia Made By Originals

The Originals Agapi & Costantza Sbokou

“We feel that luxury and travel are being redefined. People want to give back, to feel changed, fulfilled, and inspired.”
Agapi Sbokou

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Food & Drink Close to the heart

Cretan Malia Park Theme Box 1 01
Cretan Malia Park Theme Box 1 02
Cretan Malia Park Theme Box 01 Food And Drink 3

Food & Drink Close to the heart

The hotel’s three restaurants—under lauded chef Athinagoras Kostakos—use ingredients handpicked from its garden...

and from local farms to serve a sustainable selection of Cretan, Italian, and Mediterranean specialties. An abundance of Cretan wines allows guests to experience the island’s recently revived wine industry.

Kids’ corner Little explorers

Discover a Little Explorers Kids Club, nestled in the resort’s lush gardens.

Little ones will love the children’s kitchen for baking activities, the play area, an environmental awareness space, and a performance area for dance and theater. Outside, one finds a playground and a small organic garden for kids, who can participate in the hotel’s green program. A separate hut doubles as a quiet space for teenagers who want to read and relax.

Cretan Malia Park Theme Box 2

Wellbeing Communal therapy

An holistic approach to wellness allows one to commune with the outdoors through treatments, yoga, and meditation.

Cretan Malia Park Theme Box 03 Wellbeing

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“We are committed to crafting sustainable yet luxurious guest experiences that respect our community and environment and give prominence to a truer, more timeless Greece.”

Icon Architecture (1)


Cretan Malia Park is housed in buildings that were originally constructed in the late 1980s. With the renovation, sustainable, ideally local, materials were used.

Icon Waste (1)


The hotel has embarked on a plan to reduce the use of plastics, integrate sustainable criteria for purchases, reduce food waste, and adopt sustainable alternatives in their day-to-day operations.

Icon Energy (1)


Innovative measured are used to reduce energy use, eliminate gas emissions, and conserve resources.

Icon Water (1)


The hotel incorporates water-saving devices and procedures, has improved the efficiency of landscape watering, and controls leakage.

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

Locally sourced products are prioritized. The hotel strives to contribute to the development of sustainable local businesses that can be included in the supply chain.

Icon Culture (1)


The hotel is dedicated to preserving Cretan culture through Greek-led design, original artwork, and the use of locally sourced ingredients in traditional Cretan recipes.

Icon Recreation (1)


Curated, soulful experiences showcase the best of local culture and nature. Guests can explore the heritage, taste local flavors, join mindful retreats, and more.

Icon Accessability (1)


Guests can use the free bike rental service to tour the island. An electric vehicle charging station is available on-property, and electric and hybrid cars can be rented from an external partner.

Icon Communication (1)


The hotel uses video and photography, in-room communications, digital campaigns, email marketing, and PR to share its sustainability initiatives.


Follow the conscious journey

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Cretan Malia SP Cover
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Cretan Malia Park
Crete 70007

Facts & Facilities

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