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The Original Dakis Joannou

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Karim Rashid
Design Karim Rashid
The Original Dakis Joannou


Karim Rashid

Commissioned by art patron Dakis Joannou, Semiramis is entirely the creation of Egyptian-British industrial designer Karim Rashid. Guests entering through the glowing pink glass cube into a lobby know they are in store for something radically different than the city’s classic architecture. Semiramis’ guestrooms, suites and poolside bungalows offer both the use of creative materials (like the opaque glass bathroom wall) and playful design, such as the light-box art installations behind each bed. The designer takes an innovative approach in mixing textures and materials: colored concrete with rubber floors, for example, or ceramic tiles with metal and epoxy with dark wood. Innovative technology is also a given in Rashid’s 21st century concept.

Interior Design

Juicy colors and lively light

Bold color schemes and Rashid’s signature furniture - including his Wavelength Sofa and Swing Chair - give this hotel its distinct look. Juicy pinks, oranges, greens and yellows make up the hotel’s energizing color scheme, tinting everything from lobby couches to transparent glass partitions in the rooms. A lively lighting concept has been especially commissioned from Focus Lighting in New York, under the direction of principal designer Paul Gregory.

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