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Le Pigalle

Le Pigalle V01 S 01
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  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant: local, seasonal cuisine, bar

  • Architecture

    FESTEN Architecture

  • Interior design

    FESTEN Architecture

  • The Originals

    Valéry Grégo

  • Themes

    City, Art & Culture

  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant: local, seasonal cuisine, bar

True to its Parisian neighborhood’s neon-lit, highly creative past, Le Pigalle has deep local roots with talented residents adding to its unique symphony.

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Architecture FESTEN Architecture

Le Pigalle Architecture in Paris

Architecture FESTEN Architecture

Architects Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay have used the history of Pigalle as blueprint for their redesign.

“We love it when periods confront one another and we like mixing up genres, allowing the space to breathe and letting the light shine in,” they say. The building’s location on Rue Frochot in the heart of “Nouvelle Athènes” (new Athens) means that it rubs shoulders with both the neo-classical flourishes of its neighbors and with the colorful facades of Place Pigalle.

Interior design FESTEN Architecture

The hotel’s ground floor is the vibrant heart of Le Pigalle and opens up to the neighborhood.

A glorious mix of vintage and contemporary design embodies Le Pigalle’s spirit, which is divided into a café, bar, restaurant, a vinyl library, and a newspaper/book kiosk, all run by colorful local characters.

Le Pigalle Interior Design in Paris

The Originals Valéry Grégo

“A hotel is not just a part of a neighborhood; the neighborhood is embedded in the hotel—it’s a part of its very nature.”

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Le Pigalle Mbo

Local Hyperlocally yours

Le Pigalle Theme Box 1

Local Hyperlocally yours

To capture the artistic and collaborative spirit once alive here, Le Pigalle has turned to the district’s residents...

to create what is a monumentally inspired, brazen, and energetic focal point. The hotel introduces you to the people and stories that make Pigalle so vibrant at every step, including photographs and illustrations by local artists, curated music by a neighborhood DJ, delicious baked goods from a nearby bakery, a local flower shop by Muse.

City A functioning red light district

A neon light in the Parisian landscape, Pigalle comes from the best of the city’s hedonistic tradition.

We’re talking cafes, theaters, cabarets, and “hostess bars”. Thanks to the diversity, quality, and originality of the new restaurants, bars, and shops, SoPi (South Pigalle) as it is known these days, is fast becoming a vibrant cultural and gastronomic center hub in Paris.

Le Pigalle Theme Box 2 City

In Paris’ otherwise glitzy IXe, the Pigalle neighbourhood is the seedier continental sibling of NYC’s Williamsburg. Red light afterglows and smokey blue bars are just the opening chords of the eclectic Pigalle soundscape.




Le Pigalle
9 rue Frochot
Paris 75009

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    15°C / 59°F

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Le Pigalle
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