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  • Israel (1)
  • Kenya (2)
  • Morocco (1)
  • South Africa (1)
  • Tanzania (1)
  • United Arab Emirates (1)
  • Dubai (1)
  • Johannesburg (1)
  • Marrakech (1)
  • Nairobi (2)
  • Zanzibar (1)
  • Zichron Ya’akov (1)

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in africa / middle east

  • Israel

    Hotel selection in Tel Aviv
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  • Kenya

    Hotel selection in Nairobi
    View Hotels (2)
  • Morocco

    Hotel selection in Marrakech
    View Hotels (1)
  • South Africa

    Hotel selection in Johannesburg
    View Hotels (1)
  • Tanzania

    Hotel selection in Zanzibar
    View Hotels (1)
  • United Arab Emirates

    A city of superlatives—the largest manmade islands, the world’s tallest building, the most glamorous everything!—Dubai is a city constantly in flux. And yet the latest wonder is this: boutique understatement has come to a land of over-the-top grandeur and luxury.
    View Hotels (1)
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