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Further: Neuroasthetics

Unpacking the latest research and science behind neuroaesthetics to unlock the power of designing for emotion.

‘Neuroaesthetics—Design for the Mind’ is a cultural study created in collaboration with FSB Franz Schneider Brakel, exploring the emerging field of neuroaesthetics and its vast potential in design.

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Key Insights

  • 68 pages exploring the science, opportunities, and methods to apply neuroaesthetics

  • Five interviews including Rafik Anadol, Suchi Reddy, Anjan Chaterjee

  • 56 examples of creative projects across design, architecture, and beyond

  • Summarized scientific and academic research

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What’s inside the report?

Diving deep into the impacts of a growing movement first explored in our Further Forecast 2024, ‘Neuroaesthetics—Design for the Mind’, is a new cultural study on neuroaesthetics, uncovering how aesthetics, culture, and technology impact our brains, bodies, and behaviors.

A recent report found that people in developed countries spend over 90% of their time in built environments. What’s more, a 2023 survey in the UK revealed that 73% of people believe the way buildings look impacts their mental health.

These findings underline the importance of applying the science of neuroaesthetics to the creation of spaces: designing for emotion can be viewed as a necessary function, as emotions are our most powerful physiological sensation and support our decision making, wellbeing, and states of balance.

When armed with new insights on neuroaesthetics, we can revolutionize design, creating a future where designing for emotion as a function begins to steer creative briefs and leads to more impactful results.

Researched and developed by neuroaesthetics studio Kinda Studios and created in partnership with FSB, the study collates insights across science, technology, and the arts, and features interviews with renowned voices including artist Refik Anadol, neuroaesthetics architect and designer Suchi Reddy, and neuroscientist Anjan Chatterjee.

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Download Neuroaesthetics—Design for the Mind

Discover the power of neuroaesthetics with Design Hotels and FSB, over 68 pages of in-depth insights, interviews, and accessible tool kits for your next project.

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