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Georg Rosentreter
Small Town, Big Idea


001 Georg Rosentreter

Words Scott McGillImages Sebastian Böttcher

One man is helping transform an off-the-beaten-track town in Lower Saxony from an intellectual hotspot to a design-lover’s dream.

Dedicated foodie and perpetual globetrotter Georg Rosentreter has tried his hospitality hand all around the world. But there’s one pocket of central Germany that keeps pulling him back. Taking Lower Saxony by storm, one Freigeist property at a time, Rosentreter reflects on what it means to create meaningful experiences for the guest.

002 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen Georg Rosentreter

“We want people to have fun staying with us.”

Georg Rosentreter

Why is Göttingen special to you?

Göttingen is the place where our two sons were born. There’s also so much to do here, and the people developing the town are also inspiring. There is some top innovation here. We had some guests from New York shortly after the hotel opened and they were taken aback by the hotel and the town in general, saying “Oh wow, I didn’t expect that in Göttingen—this could be in New York.”

How is the hotel influenced by and integrated into the city?

Well, the university is a big part of Göttingen’s identity, and we’ll have the Forum Wissen (Knowledge Forum) museum built next-door to the hotel in the coming years. We’ll work closely with the university, hosting events and supporting each other, particularly with the “Freiraum” room that we’ll have there. Another way the hotel is linked to its location is through the Herbarium bar, with its concept informed by The Old Botanical Garden.

003 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen Georg Rosentreter Botanic
004 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen Plants

How did you move into hospitality?

I started off in the hotel industry with an apprenticeship. I went through all the departments, from the kitchen to housekeeping, service, reception, everything. Then I went on to work in a few different hotels, in Munich, London, and beyond, and got my qualification at hotel school. Then in 2004, my wife and I moved to Lower Saxony and took over our first property, and in 2008 I started my business together with my partner and opened the first Freigeist hotel. Then we took over the Design Hotels member Hotel zum Löwen, and then a second Freigeist hotel, and now the Freigeist Hotel in Göttingen. The whole time, we had this idea in our heads to give guests an experience that is totally different from anything they’ve had before.

005 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen Restaurant
006 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen Cocktail
007 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen Sushi

Which aspect of hospitality plays to your strengths?

Food and beverage has always been my passion. I was always working in the restaurants and the bars during my first years in the industry, and it was a big part of my childhood growing up on the German side of the Austrian border, near Salzburg. I spent most of my summers in the South of France, going to farmers’ markets and cooking. At our Freigeist hotels, we aim for fine dining quality but with a relaxed, friendly style and service. We want people to have fun staying with us.

What inspires you?

I’ve traveled the world, and I’ve stayed at great hotels and been to amazing bars and restaurants. I’ve seen creativity in action. And hopefully I’m helping to change Göttingen, Northeim, and Einbeck into standalone destinations worth visiting.

008 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen View

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