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Nobis’ Grand Moorish Stage in Mallorca

Design, Architecture

001 SP Nobis Palma Header

Words Vidula KotianDate 09 August 2023

Set in one of the city’s oldest buildings—a medieval Islamic palace from the 12th century—Nobis Hotel Palma, which opens this November, pays homage to Mallorca’s rich history while being cleverly transformed into a newfound hub in the heart of Palma.

002 SP Nobis Palma

Unique shape and size The room is dictated by the architecture of the historical building

003 SP Nobis Palma

The medieval Muslim palace It was organized around two symmetrical interior patios

004 SP Nobis Palma

View from the Rooftop Suites The iconic La Seu Cathedral

005 SP Nobis Palma

Original characteristics Historical stone, arches and brick walls have been carefully restored

Organized around two symmetrical interior patios, the erstwhile medieval Moorish palace is filled with stories that stretch back 1,000 years, including the fact that it was almost entirely razed to the ground in the 13th century, before getting a Gothic makeover with vaulted ceilings and imposing archways in the mid-15th century, and two centuries later, a Baroque-style update. Original characteristics of the building, such as historical stone, arches, and brick walls, have been carefully restored and highlighted. 

006 SP Nobis Palma

The 12th century building One of Palma's oldest structures

007 SP Nobis Palma
008 SP Nobis Palma (1)

Magnificent historical details Vaults and pillars are just a few of them

Today, the building has been carefully restored by Spanish architecture firms Jordi Herrero Arquitectos and Eduardo Garcia Acuna Arquitectos, while being reimagined by award-winning Swedish studio Wingårdhs with a laid-back elegance and personal take on contemporary luxury—a signature Nobis Hotels’ trait but always in context to location and history. The design concept merges the past with the present and offers sharp contrasts between the old and the new.⁠ Each of the 37 rooms and suites comes in a unique shape and size, influenced by the architectural base of the historical building. The light-filled airy interiors are bathed in an earthy palette with timeless materials like wool, leather, and wood further grounding the spaces. Here well-known Scandinavian and Italian brands, such as Carl Hansen and Flos, are mixed with bespoke furniture and locally produced pieces.

009 SP Nobis Palma

Custom-made Bed frames by Carl Hansen

010 SP Nobis Palma

High-quality materials Wood, wool and leather embody the ever-present Nobis style

011 SP Nobis Palma

Architectural details Representing the Islamic medieval stage of the Balearic islands

012 SP Nobis Palma

Sober shades A welcoming palette from white and beige, to warm grey and brown

Equally enticing at Nobis Hotel Palma are the public spaces. Take the Lounge, a unique cocktail bar in a magnificent, historical setting with an impressive nine-meter ceiling. From afternoon aperitifs to late-night cocktails, the ambitious and creative cocktail menu is based on local produce and seasonal ingredients. Then there’s Nobis Hotels’ signature restaurant NOI, helmed by chef Xema Álvarez, with its floor-to-ceiling arched windows, columned pillars, and sculptural ceiling that is all set to become a gathering place for locals and travelers alike. All in all, we can’t wait to be seduced by this new gem from Nobis Hotels and Wingårdhs.

014 SP Nobis Palma

Charming Old Town The hotel is centrally located

013 SP Nobis Palma

Now the Sant Jaime church, the structure linked to the original palace was once a mosque

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The bathrooms Dressed in authentic Spanish limestone

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