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Mindful Minimalism in California

Design, Well-being

Date 13 August 2019

How do you take a concept like Rudolf Steiner’s 12 senses that revolutionized the education field and put it into practice in a hotel? At Twelve Senses Retreat, opening in October 2019, owner Anke Bodack believes that the Californian propensity for healthy living and environmental consciousness is the perfect backdrop to create a holistic resort where guests can disconnect from technology and get back in touch with their senses.

The 12 senses, which are best experienced in nature, are all interconnected and can be grouped into the four elements.

Therefore, the rooms are inspired by water, fire, air, and earth. The earth room features a palette of green, ochre, and sandy beige while fire room is awash in burnt orange, red, and charcoal black. With mindful and resourceful minimalism as the credo, the spaces were reduced to essentials where minimalist furniture in natural, sustainable, and recycled materials were allowed to take beautiful form. Some highlights include the bar’s centerpiece, made with recycled ocean plastic tiles in collaboration with Seaform or the Kebony outdoor roof deck that sits under lush foliage and offers glimpses of the Pacific Ocean.

03 Twelve Senses (2)

I like sensory materials, sensory touch. For that, I feel the environment has to be really minimal and simple for the materials to speak, otherwise it’s too complicated or you lose the character of the materials.

Anke Bodack

Located in the sprawling surf town of Encinitas, California, the four-room resort offers guests and locals a small creative hub for art, wellbeing, joy, and healing. Expect yoga and sound mediation classes as well as a pop-up shop with local, artisanal products. We can’t wait for this retreat to open its doors, but until then just listen to the Beach Boys’ hit song “Surfin’ U.S.A.”, which mentions just this stretch of coast, close your eyes, and be mindful.

02 Twelve Senses (2)
01 Twelve Senses (2)

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Twelve Senses Retreat

California, Encinitas, USA

Featured Hotels


Twelve Senses Retreat

USA, Encinitas, California
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