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Portrait Peter Pichler


The Design Diaries
- Peter Pichler

Conscious Future, Design Diaries

Words Vidula KotianDate 25 November 2019

Peter Pichler is perhaps best known for his sustainable treehouses in the forest of the Italian Dolomites and their signature sharply pitched roofs. The project was conceived as a “slowed down” form of tourism where the integration of architecture within nature plays a primary role. The young Milan-based architect has many prestigious projects under his belt, having worked under big names such as Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas, not to mention the bold projects he’s taken on under his own firm, Peter Pichler Architecture, including our new member property Schgaguler Hotel.

Dh Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Future Space Pavilion 02

Future space pavilion Salone del Mobile 2018

We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature. Well integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is needed.” 

Peter Pichler

Design Aim

Interested in the analysis and research of vernacular architecture, materials, and elements that combined with technology can express a contemporary interpretation of the past.

Claim To Fame

Nominated as the young Italian talent by the National Chamber of Architects in Italy and was a finalist at the Gold Medal of Architecture Price of the Triennale di Milano.

Looking into the Future

The future of architecture is mass customization, which you already see in fashion and design, thanks to three-dimensional technology.

Member Hotel

Schgaguler Hotel

Who or what are your biggest influences?

My family, nature, and at the moment a house at the beach in Ses Covetes, Mallorca, where I can sketch and think all day long looking at the sea.

Have you ever changed your mind about anything aesthetics-wise?

Yes, this happens every time. Design is a process and never stops in your head.

Describe your dream project, real or fantasy.

A concert hall and the first sand castle with my six-month-old daughter Olivia.

DH Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Mountain Hut Oberholz 03 002

Obereggen mountain hut, Italy

DH Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Mountain Hut Oberholz 03 001

Restaurant in the hut 2,000 meters up in the Italian Dolomites

DH Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Mirror House 01

Mirror houses, Bolzano, Italy

Wood or concrete?

Beach or mountain?

Modern or classic?

Morning or evening?

Dh Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Hotel Schgaguler 04

Exterior of Schgaguler Hotel

What’s the last thing you read that made you feel something?

An article about the aerospace company Boeing and their profit and competition driven industry.

What are you currently working on?

A tree house hotel project in the U.S., a hotel and a villa in Italy, and residential projects in Abu Dhabi and Germany.

Is there a building or product that strikes you as particularly well-designed or innovative?

I think the project we are currently working in the U.S. is very innovative in terms of sustainability and design concept in general.

DH Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Tree Houses 04 001 (1)

Sustainable treehouses in the Italian Dolomites

DH Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Abu Dhabi Villa 04 002 (1)

Abu Dhabi residential project

DH Blog Design Series Peter Pichler Alto Adige Hotel 04 003

Evolution of Tradition, winning competition entry

City or country?

Jazz or classical?

Drama or comedy?

Dancing or hiking?

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Schgaguler Hotel (1)

Schgaguler Hotel

South Tyrol, Castelrotto, Italy

Featured Hotels

Schgaguler Hotel (1)

Schgaguler Hotel

Italy, Castelrotto, South Tyrol
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