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The Design Diaries
-Maria Jeglinska-Adamczewska

Design Diaries

Words Vidula KotianDate 29 September 2021

Industrial designer Maria Jeglinska-Adamczewska has been running her own studio in Warsaw for almost 10 years now. Her tongue-in-cheek designs have earned her a spot on Wallpaper’s most promising young design talents in 2008 and been showcased at the most important international design exhibitions and fairs, ...

including Salone del Mobile in Milan, the London Design Festival, Centre Pompidou in Paris, and London’s Barbican Art Gallery. While this graduate from the prestigious ECAL in Lausanne has worked under several stars of global design such as Galerie Kreo in Paris, Konstantin Grcic in Munich, and Alexander Taylor in London, her heart beats for the local scene back home in Poland as we discovered in our chat with her.

Design Maria

AHEC x Benchmark The Arco seat and table draw inspiration from sculptural forms, Shaker furniture, and the works of Dom Hans van der Laan. Image by ©David Cleveland

In today’s world, research can trigger and generate new forms of answers and offers.

03 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Vase Glasses

Vase Man Exclusively designed for the Hotel Essentials collection of Autor Rooms. Image by ©Claudia Zalla

04 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Portrait

Portrait Maria Jeglinska-Adamczewska in her studio. Image by ©Kasia Bobula


Furniture, lighting, and consumer product and exhibition designer, and creative director of multiple exhibitions showcasing Polish and global design.


She co-curated the Polish pavilion at the first London Design Biennale.    

What you didn’t know

From 2018 to 2020, she was the creative director of the Arena Design fair in Poznań, where she promoted Polish designers and furniture manufacturers.

Design Hotels Member

Autor Rooms

05 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Kitchen Design

Series 3 Storage solutions for Polish brand Plato. Image by ©The Frame Studio

06 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Shapes Forms Product Design

A collection of works Image by ©Robert Swierczynski

What do you love most about your work?

Everything! But the main thing is that I learn constantly, discovering new materials, production techniques, crafts, cultures, people, companies, institutions…the list is endless.


Is there a project/product you’re particularly proud of? Why?

It’s hard to tell, but perhaps I always feel that the last projects always represent me the best. Since setting up my office in 2012, I’ve been lucky to work on a broad range of projects: object and furniture design, exhibition design, art direction, and curated design exhibitions. Lately, I have been working with new, young brands. I really enjoy the dialogue, the freshness of their approach, and a good dose of positive naivety that you need to have. The challenges are greater, but the energy compensates this by far. The success of a project lies in mutual respect, trust, and being able to build a relationship with your client.

07 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Sculpture Face

Walking or flying ?


Round or angular ?


Sunset or Sunrise ?


Landscaped or Zen garden ?


How did you get involved with Autor Rooms?

I know the owners of Autor Rooms. Magda Ponagajbo (co-owner of the micro-hotel) and I started discussing potential typologies we could work on. It started with the aim of projects born locally, in collaboration with friends, with the intention of designing objects for a precise context in Warsaw.


What was your inspiration for the glass vases for Autor Rooms?

For each of the objects I designed—such as Vase Man and the Face of Autor for the Hotel Essentials collection—I tried to imagine people’s arrival at Autor Rooms and how they would relate to the space. Visitors interact with the space for a limited amount of time. Therefore, materials were chosen for their warmth.

First and foremost, they needed to convey a deep sensory sensation. I chose to work with borosilicate glass, which is easier for small production batches. I thought about materials and shapes that would complement the space, highlighting the warmth of the interiors through surfaces, the object’s color and how light reflects on or through them. We released the glassware collection in 2016 with large glasses and a carafe, and the following year, I designed a vase to expand the glass collection.

08 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Vase Flowers

Vase Man Expands on the formal language of the glassware. Images by ©Pion studio

09 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Vase Detail

Power pose On each side, semi sphere-shaped tubes take a stance

10 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Glasses

Glasses for Autor Rooms Made from borosilicate glass

11 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Carafe

Hotel Essentials collection Image by ©Max Zielinski

Can you tell us about The Face of Autor mirrors? Why did you choose to depict a face?

It’s tongue-in-cheek. I wanted to have a welcoming presence in the form of small characters that would greet guests upon their arrival—and perhaps provoke a smile. Ultimately these faces, objets, and materials are there to provide you with simple joys—little tactile and visual pleasures for the mind and the body.

12 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Sculptures Faces

Image by ©Pion studio

“I try to question the status quo of a given category or the material, to freshen how we think of it. This is what differentiates a designer from a craftsperson.”

Do you see yourself as a dreamer or a realist?

I happily constantly navigate between both.

Do you have any recent cultural discoveries that you would like to share?

This summer, I finally visited the Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu-sur-mer. It’s stunning without being pastiche.

When do you feel most productive?

When I’m in the office, I manage to be very focused, from the moment I arrive there.

13 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Carpet Design A

Entwine collection Image by ©Pim Top. Image (on the right) by ©Mattia Parodi

14 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Bowls

What are your dreams for the future?

There are plenty…

What have you changed in your life in the past year to be more sustainable?

I walk to the office or take public transport. In general, I try to buy less.

What do you think is the future of travel?

Hopefully, travel will be more meaningful. I wish railroad connections would expand in Europe so that I could hop on a train from Warsaw to Paris.

15 Design Diaries Maria Jeglinska Blue Bench

Black & white or color? 


Spotify or LP?

Lately LP

Vertical or horizontal?

Horizontal, but then again I love vertical windows

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