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The Art Print Series

The Design Hotels Book

001 Art Prints II BP

What started out last year as a way for us to honor our standout visual collaborators who’ve brought our annual book to life is back again in its second edition.

For this year’s Art Print Series, we’ve chosen two prints from the Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book where we deep dived into the most inspired food stories. In our most ambitious book to date, we tapped our intrepid photographer friends from around the world to capture both the essence and emotional ties that start from the ingredients in the kitchen and reach out to the community and the world through time.


002 Art Prints II BP

In this collector’s series is a print from the story Homegrown—a richly saturated still life by photographer Vivek Vadoliya who captures the simple abundance of an Umbrian harvest season. A simple ingredient like an olive when sown, nurtured, plucked, and preserved with one’s own hands rebuilds a connection to local produce and flavors that can only be had in that time and place. 

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Here, experiencing what it means to grow and prepare our own food allows for an appreciation of the wonder of the process.

003 Art Prints II BP

The 400-year old olive trees Captured by Vadoliya

Homegrown Honoring the rich, layered stories that simple ingredients can tell

005 Art Prints II BP Updated

On set Behind the scene in Umbria

With Reverence

006 Art Prints II BP

The second print is Maureen Evans’ ode to Oaxacan cuisine from the chapter With Reverence. Styled by Tessa Watson, the photograph uses rough textures and light interplay to celebrate both the ordinary and the remarkable. Food, more than museums or landmarks, gives us a sense of place and even something commonplace as freshly laid eggs can make us realize the nuances of a culture and its history in the way livestock and produce are cared for and used, and help us connect to where we are in a profound way.

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007 Art Prints II BP

Preserving culinary heritage Each ingredient plays a vital part

008 Art Prints II BP

With Reverence Valuing traditions, heirloom varieties, and methods of producing

009 Art Prints II BP

Maureen Evans Editorial, design and lifestyle photographer

“Flavors are living, breathing records of a time and place. Each taste is felt. We ingest their history. They become a part of us.

Nicholas Gill


The two images, which work as stand-alone artworks or as a poetic diptych, are available in AO and A2 sizes with blind embossing on museum-quality paper made of 90 percent bamboo fibers, printed in Germany on 290g/sqm paper. All in all, the two prints are embodiments of how “flavors are living, breathing records of a time and place. Each taste is felt. We ingest their history. They become a part of us,” says Nicholas Gill, award-winning writer and photographer.

010 Art Prints II BP

With Reverence Print 1

011 Art Prints II BP

Homegrown Print 2

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Art Print Series Taste and Place is our newest collection of beautifully rich photography that illustrates the profound power of simplicity. Our second release of coveted travel photography will take you to the heart of Umbrian tradition and Oaxaca’s food heritage.

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