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- Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Nearest train station

Copenhagen Central Station


Martin Borch

The Originals

Alessandro Catenacci

Set in a landmark building constructed in 1903—one of the first concrete structures in the city—Nobis Hotel Copenhagen faithfully restored its storied setting. Acclaimed Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and his team paid homage to the building’s roots, preserving such details as the wood-and-marble staircase and original motifs. Today, the building is run on renewable energy provided by Danish power company Ørsted. In addition to its many initiatives, the hotel benefits from Copenhagen’s progressive environmental policies. Guests are encouraged to drink the local tap water, which the hotel conserves through efficient fixtures. The city is also easily explored on foot, via public transit, or by bike—the Nobis team is happy to help with bike rentals and offer suggested tours. Sourcing local produce and products is a top priority for the hotel’s NOI restaurant. By supporting regional producers, Nobis Hotel Copenhagen can offer top-quality, seasonal ingredients and minimize its footprint.

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The hotel has faithfully restored the 1903 landmark building that houses it. Originally designed by architect Martin Borch, it is one of the first concrete building structures in the Danish capital.

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A strict waste policy applies at the hotel and in the restaurant. All waste (food, cardboard, glass, plastic, etc.) is carefully sorted and correctly disposed of based on government guidelines.

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The hotel is run on renewable energy provided by Ørsted.

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Denmark has some of the world’s cleanest drinking water. To reduce water waste, the hotel has installed Neoperl regulators on almost every tap.

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Products & Produce

Locally produced products and ingredients are prioritized. By supporting local producers, the kitchen receives seasonal, top-quality products and minimizes its environmental footprint.

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The hotel promotes mindfulness and sustainable recreational activities such as wellness classes, guided running tours, biking, and swimming in the harbor.

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The hotel is located near the Copenhagen Central Station and metro. Guests are encouraged to explore by bike. Staff can help with bike rentals and recommendations around the city. The hotel’s taxi partner offers electric cars.

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Healthy Workplace

The hotel is part of the Horesta organization, which protects employees’ rights. Staff receive guidance and information related to the organization’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures, and benefits in written format.

Learn about our Conscious Hotel Principles

We spoke to the team at Nobis Hotel Copenhagen to learn the latest on the hotel's conscious journey.


What is your sustainability philosophy?

Sustainability is constantly in our consciousness. We see sustainability as three important pillars: society, environment, and economy. These three pillars are always incorporated into our daily decisions and projects.


How do you forge a connection to the local community and cultural surroundings?

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is housed in a historic landmark building that previously housed The Royal Danish Academy of Music. This cultural history is incorporated into our DNA and shared with the local community through public events. We also collaborate with local businesses to support our cultural surroundings.


What do you see as the biggest sustainability hurdle for hotels? How are you combating that?

The biggest sustainability obstacle depends on what kind of hotel you run. In our case, the renovation of a historical building has been the biggest obstacle. But at the same time, it has been an opportunity to sustain the history and architecture.

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T Nobis Hotel Copenhagen Denmark

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

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Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

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